Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

Which means… projected range shown in dash is based on dashboard wh/km… if the app range is accurate then we will get more than projected dash range?

hey people, i had recently made a video on how you can keep your Athers running smooth and long lasting. hope this video makes sense to you


Does this apply for the 450 plus

DashBoard range is the current range that is predicted on the go, while the range shown in App is somewhat achievable. In the forum, you can find many people who have achieved more than both app and dashboard predicted ranges

So many doubts due to Early range anxiety :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi what does this mean? In 450 series, use the regen - twist the throttle in the reverse direction of acceleration- and you will feel the motor “braking”… if it’s too steep and you feel the regen isn’t slowing you down sufficiently then use the brakes.

Try lower pickup ( slow linear acceleration) mode with its max speed cut off (like 80-90% speed usage in max limit). For me, there is a bigger difference in sport and warp mode for riding power consumption. Above pics are my best efficient power consumption from my first ride to till now. I’ll say sport is the very best super efficient riding mode for every situation, time, age, style and distance. Simply Sports mode is eco mode with even lesser power consumption added with more max speed limit. If smooth slow throttle is applied than it acts like luxury comfort car and when sudden quick throttle is applied, it feels like super sport car. My favourite and regular Usage mode is warp(ludicrous mode(even plaid+):heart_eyes:tesla fan). Now I love sports mode for its lower power consumption with performance. A very very great applause for making this kind of tech to ather team. @abhishek.balaji @tarun


Hey, So the Regen is first of all activated automatically under 85 or 80 percent SOC, so you can use the throttle to your advantage and can slow down the scooter by twisting it in the opposite direction. if you are on a downhill/slope, Do not depend on the regen to get the scooter to slow down as it is not as powerful as the Disc brakes of course. Regen braking can be used on flatter/leveled roads at decent levels of speeds to slow down which may avoid sudden braking situations.

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Interesting. From the past 3 months, I’ve run the scooter for 3000kms at 1000kms per month. But mostly I’ve used Eco and Ride mode only. Everyday on an average, I ride it for 35-40kms. If I charge it once, it lasts for 2 days. That’s why I don’t charge it fully. Maximum, I stop it at 85%-90%. Minimum I’ve made a habit of 20%. One experienced person told me that atleast once a month if the battery is fully charged and fully discharged, it’ll last long.


Nice suggestion, will try that, till now driving more in eco and ride modes and getting a range between 83 to 85…

Will check the real time too and compare it with dashboard…

Will surely try your tips and try to get few more km of range… Currently getting 83 to 85 range while driving mostly in eco and ride…

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My Learning: The more gentle we are in accelerating and ability to coast, the better efficiency we would get.

Obviously - speed humps, pot holes, rider weight, pillion / luggage weight, tyre pressure, road inclination - all matters. Among all, ride mode matters the least.

@rajeshkav has proved time and again that he can get 100+ range in any mode.

But, on inclined roads, you may get worser efficiency in Eco mode as your chance to coast thru momentum is poor.

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I wish a rebalancing transmission system that cancels all the inefficient factors :sunglasses: :crossed_fingers::grin::wink::checkered_flag:

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Great Information thanks I will start my Ather journey tomorrow …well sports mode as advised (50km/hr-60km/he)is the one I will start of with and will keep you all posted … interesting point maybe that I am on heavier side 97kg approx let’s see how that works out :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

Hi Saranya,

Absolutely right, all the factors matter. The Throttle we rise in each mode, the tyre pressure, presence of pillion etc.

I have experienced the same with my 450x, I was able to get better range in Higher modes. I was able to get best efficiency in Warp mode compared to Sport, Ride and Eco modes :grinning:

That’s because, I think, once you accelerate in warp mode, the bike can go for a maximum distance until you next need to accelerate.

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