Timed or scheduled shut down of scooter

It would be nice if there was a setting that allows the scooter to do a complete shutdown a set time after you switch it off, like 10-30 mins. This would give it enough time for the fans to run and the last ride logs to sync.

Alternatively there should also be a feature where people can set the scooter to automatically shut down at a certain time of the day; Like say maybe some ppl want to shut it down over night they can set it as 10 pm or if someone is sure they won’t go out of the office after lunch they can set it to shutdown at 12 - 1 pm.(Obviously) This feature should only get triggered when scooter is not in use and perhaps can be tied along with geofencing so that it only happens if at home or office.

This would save idle drain for many ppl and i think every bit counts.

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I agree, there should be a way to shut down the scooter using the app. It’s fairly basic and would save battery when the scooter is going to be idle


Just FYI, remote shutdown has been discussed a few times on the Forum already:

Long story short: safety risk; might not be introduced unless they find a foolproof way of preventing unintended/malicious remote shutdown as has been demoed in some cars. Hopefully someday soon :slight_smile:


We’re not talking about an ota engine kill switch that could by pass the actual kill switch on the bike just a timed shut down of the background os and telephony functions, when the scooter is parked and already on standby, which has a significant idle battery drain in these scooters. Could be something that only comes to play at a given geo location when the kill switch is already in the off position.


Yes, a timed shutdown when the scooter meets a certain set of criteria seems fair. Ather though touts its connected features, so it remains to be seen if they are okay with users letting their vehicle shut down after a while. Besides, they would also highlight the risk an auto shutdown would have if it were to be stolen. Let’s see :slight_smile:


Ather also touts a 145km range but I lose 2-5% everyday while my scooter is idling. I get no where even 105km on a single charge. I guess the idle loss is not considered as the “real world” range. All i want is to shut down my scooter when it’s not being ridden, not a bypass or anything. I just want to switch it off from my apartment and not have to go to my parking every night. That’s all.


Sure, it’s something for Ather to work on, but to reiterate what we are discussing above, it’s more to do with timed shutdown than remote shutdown.

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Yes could be a set of rules like:

Vehicle is idle Kill switch is on

Provided these conditions are met, It could be triggered using:

  1. A toggle for auto shutdown is enabled which asks for a time for the scheduled shutdown
  2. A button in the app to “shut down now”

My 2 cents

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Instead of switching the scooter off, they can put it into a deep sleep, which will be more effective and valuable.


This could be an awesome feature.

Many a time I felt the map is VERY sluggish, I’m not saying it is caused because the scooter is not shutting down regularly, but I guess it might help, since the processor used is very busy most of the time, especially while riding.