Timed or scheduled shut down of scooter

It would be nice if there was a setting that allows the scooter to do a complete shutdown a set time after you switch it off, like 10-30 mins. This would give it enough time for the fans to run and the last ride logs to sync.

Alternatively there should also be a feature where people can set the scooter to automatically shut down at a certain time of the day; Like say maybe some ppl want to shut it down over night they can set it as 10 pm or if someone is sure they won’t go out of the office after lunch they can set it to shutdown at 12 - 1 pm.(Obviously) This feature should only get triggered when scooter is not in use and perhaps can be tied along with geofencing so that it only happens if at home or office.

This would save idle drain for many ppl and i think every bit counts.

Pls press the “vote” button if you think this is a useful feature and not just press the like button :pray:.