LOST / Stolen Mode

Folks, Can the team kindly work on a Lost / Stolen mode for the bike? For a start this should disable some features like Document display so that a thief cannot show the documents to cops and get away. Alternatively the document display feature can have a 2 or 4 digit pin for restricted access. Additionally in the future vehicle active/live tracking as well as an engine disabler when lost mode is enabled will be extremely helpful. This can largely be achieved with OTA updates. Kindly look into this.

Of all the requested features, I believe this is one thing that might not be entertained. Even creating an option like this effectively means giving a way for hackers to disable the motor remotely. No matter how many security measures Ather puts in place, nefarious elements out there will find a way to access & misuse it.

Well not really. 1.effectively means someone will get control - there are many theft prevention aftermarket devices in the market - have you known any to have ever gotten hacked? Which ones? Post a link? 2. Lost and stolen mode has been around for years now on all our phones and third party devices. Works effectively with no known problems 3. Any thief would want to enable not disable the machine. Assuming they could even perform such a hack and roll out an ota to give them control. Seems an excessive amount of work to steal one single bike? Considering the very next bike they go to they would again need to hack from the start and the way they used would be closed off and repaired 4. Worst case even if a vehicle was put in lost mode without your consent u could simply authenticate yourself back in and disable lost mode with your credentials or app on the phone

The first phase in any case even without engine disabling is very helpful to put forth right away. We should ideally plug the loophole where a stolen bike can show their documents without restriction and hence not get stopped by authorities. Documents need either a pincode or a way to turn off when stolen

Yeah, so, this feature request and the subsequent conversation has happened many times in the forum actually. This post and the link embedded in it might be of interest to you…

I work in the connected car space and I know for a fact that several car oems have this option. You can do both remote ignition on/off and remote shutdown.