OTA Wants - Feature requests


Please look into providing input location with coordinates, without this feature its very difficult to use Maps.

Regards, Abhay

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Search in Google maps and send it to the scooter. That’s the best way if you’re not already riding.

Hello ather team and ather community ,

  1. Wanted to ask my queries for my ather 450 upcoming OTA updates . Wanted to know clearly if the anti theft / tow detection is possible for 450s . Because when i speak with ather customer care . They are like its 50% - 50% I.e may be yes or no . Requesting anyone to reply on this .

  2. Also requesting the ather team to find out anyway to put bluetooth to 450 . I know spoken with customer care on this they say ather 450 and ather 450X software versions are different . We are ready to pay extra if needed to change the software and addition of bluetooth module

Requesting @abhishek.balaji @tarun to reply on this

yes it’s in the works through an OTA soon. Don’t have a clear timeline to share yet, but we’ll announce when it becomes available.

No plans currently, since it requires significant work to integrate a new bluetooth module and the related firmware for it.


Has any one noticed , significant loss of power after the latest firmware upgrade. The last upgrade that worked best and bug free( atleast for me ) was the one that introduced the dark mode on the ather.

How about motor “Kill” feature using the app on the mobile phone? This can be over cloud. This could come handy if ever your scooter is “bikejacked” on desolate stretches.


I think this has been suggested by a few people earlier, but I believe Ather might not be too keen with this idea. Killing over an app is always dangerous since it can be misused when the scooter is in use and might result in accidents on the road. No matter how many safety checks you put in place, once such a feature is even rolled out, hackers will find a way to circumvent the checks and misuse it!

How about instead of kill it slow reduced performance and speed and comes to a halt? This already happens when the scooter encounters an error, shouldn’t be too hard to implement. While also displaying warning symbol on the dashboard?

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Yes, this sounds better. If it is possible to design it to only allows for slowdown and not a full kill, then I guess it will be compliant with safety requirements. But that is assuming this module cannot be subsequently hacked to introduce a makeshift shutdown :slight_smile:

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Battery life?

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Had a small request. Shouldn’t be too hard to give it to us but I guess its a question of, if you want us to have it. Seems like the data from the scooter can be displayed in a raw format on the dash in developer settings or something. I don’t know the specifics of how the dash software is but is it possible to make this accessible to all of us? Officially.

We don’t really mind if it looks like this( for now) It’s quite interesting to have all this data. What do the rest of you think?

  • Definitely need this option
  • I’ll wait for a more refined representation of the data
  • Doesn’t matter don’t need it.

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And refined representation would mean, much more time to push over OTA

And Regen would also be helpful

Oops… Clicked on the wrong option! Would rather have a more refined representation🙂

Click on show vote and change your option if you want to.

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Regen works fine I think so when we reverse throttle the accelerator like light braking (motor braking).

Can ather add a feature where if the engine is turned on (and the speed=0 and the side stand is on) -> then the throttle is killed…? It would really prevent accidents from happening as the motor is very silent.


Ather app shows nearest charging point but doesn’t show availability as ather grid app. Can we do something about it

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Can we have parking lights enabled via OTA or it needs hardware Change?


A feature with the help of which we can switch on the headlights (also honk twice) through the phone for about 10-15 seconds would be helpful for locating the scooter at night.

Welcome lights are planned for a future OTA update. It requires bluetooth first to be able to tell when you’re near the scooter.