Throttle-Activated Regen Braking

It would be great if twisting the throttle to the reverse position could act as a ‘toggle’ to activate regenerative braking, rather than having to continuously hold the throttle in the reverse position.

Specifically, if the rider twists the throttle fully to the reverse direction once, regenerative braking would remain active regen level. This regen mode would persist until the rider twists the throttle forward again to accelerate.

This way, the rider would not need to keep holding the throttle in the uncomfortable reverse position to maintain regen braking. Just a quick twist backward to ‘toggle on’ coasting regen, without wrist strain.

The implementation should meet the braking force filed in the regulatory filings. So no homologation excuses please. We have heard that enough.


Great suggestion. Lets see if Ather team give any reaction to this.


Your suggestion is accepted moving forward Gen 5 will have this built in as a core feature. Thank your for being a Lab rat your suggestions are valued


Too much truth :sob::sob:


And give us the real regen that actually works instead of the weak one we have right now. (aka Coasting Regen on Gen4)


It would also be great if Ather actually cared about owners. @tarun . Plus is there any point in raising our valid concerns with Ather ? @smridhi.kalati calls them “Chatter”. So why “chatter” about things that aint gonna happen ?


So votes even matter now ?

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Thats a good suggestion Also if its just a switch than why cant they allow the bike to switch the regen On by its self


They can but if they do everything for this model they will be out of ideas for the next. You see EVOLVING PRODUCT…

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I don’t think so the throttle regen is meant for using … else the company wouldnt make it so tight that my wrist curses me wen I use it . And is actually regen happening or is it just a gimmick to keep all the mouths shut ? :thinking:


Throttle regen works . But the company is … ,******.

They want users to suffer for their mistakes.


So recently Ather had a big win as there chargers are now standard for ev good job Ather :+1:.

Now to the dark side Ather has been changing the control unit for each gen if we ask them why arnt the new features backwards compatible they can simply say we have changed the control unit or they just dint plan it to start with Whare are the fight to be the first ev company to make there chargers new standerd so much planing and stuff was going on but for profits they fall down so much it’s a shame really

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They are just making you fool. If a vehicle has to be launched on April 2025 they will have started prototype in April 2022. Features, designs, Specifications are all locked in years before production.

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