Advance Ride Insights aka Ride Stories

Meri Ather ride insight me pele sport mode me 75 range show krta the aaj 85 show kr raha he :v:

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Ather is rolling out Ride Stories on experimental basis. It suddenly appeared in my ride insights.

But for longer rides, map doesn’t work, may be due to more data on speed as speed is also plotted on the map.

First impressions, looks cool AF. But to be honest I was expecting more data & metrics in the ride stories considering the hype Ather built around ride stories.

=== Edit 1 ===

My Friday just got better. Got another format now and it’s f****ing awesome. Interactive charts with detailed info like percentage spent under braking, riding and coasting, Speed graph, etc.

and the map is gone this time. They are testing different formats. I’ll share more update if they send any new format. :wink:


Wow, what app version?

Also, I thought they removed location from ride stats due to privacy regulations?

Currently on 9.1.0

But I’m logged in on 3 different devices. It only popped up on one of my Android device. iOS app didn’t show anything and another on Android phone with same app version, it does not show anything.

Plus after submitting the feedback it vanished :face_exhaling:. They were getting just getting feedbacks.

For the privacy regulation part, I think it’s the issue with Google. The map that comes up on the ride story is from Mapbox. So maybe they cracked some deal.


Strava activated for scooter :grinning:looks cool


We always had the data nice to see it is being accessible to public.


This is really worth it feature needed ASAP because we cannot understand actually it should show on map so that where we go how much battery drained and how much Kw/H so detailed riding details we can get

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How to get this

We are so glad you are enjoying your Ather. We request you to please share your registered contact details and vehicle number via Inbox so we can note your feedback.

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This feature looks awesome :star_struck: I really hope they roll out the stable version to all the owners really excited for it

3.7 KM no horn, I see you are a man of culture.


How can one get this ride bot?

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How to get this

Hehe , yeah I mostly a calm rider.

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Too long to explain here.



New ride stats on my App, Ather is experimenting new features, not sure for how many people it’s useful. But I like the details…


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Looks cool, keep sharing if you get any other format :wink:

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How to get this ride stats?

This is still in testing phase, but it will be available soon.

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