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This is the highlight of the scooter. It’s the best feature Ather has made available that no rival electric automotive manufacturer can make.

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Low effort meme.

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Looks like my 450X crashes/behaves weirdly only when i am in a bad mood/stressed out…A Big first also for automotive industry for mood sensing program :joy::joy::joy:

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Journalist: Are you working on a sub-1 lakh EV?

Tarun: Ummm, I don’t want to basically get into price wars…

Motorbeam: The Ather chief did not deny it, thus it is expected that Ather will launch a new electric scooter with an asking price that undercuts Rs.1 lakh by next year.


Ather should also consider gifting this to ather owners during delivery instaed of chocolate :joy::joy:

What say @tarun @ather

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Nice options given by ather survey for the Question: Value for money…hahahaha

One cannot disagree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After every Update in 450x/+


Me to my Ather 450s

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Hi All,

It’s been a while we compared / review our Fight (450 / 450X / 450+) with other two wheeler…… So thought of do so one……

I was searching in the market for one……… OMG what a surprise only Ather have released / put their product on road / sales…. After Covid19 lock down……

Still some are under annulment / Some are under construction / Some are in Proto and many are still on their drawing board………

I am too tired after searching for a one with comparison with Ather…… I need to relax…. Let me watch a movie…. OMG still Theaters are closed where can I find one…. Technology has improved…. Thank GOD We have OTT……. But we can’t do a racing in Video game…… hope situation should improve fast and let Covid19 get eradicated by vaccination…… So that we can pull up our gears for real ride on roads….

Many are available to do review big movies :movie_camera:

I wonder how same type of movie got released back to back in Hindi & Tamil in the same time… That trigger me write that…

I just saw two different movies (Hindi & Tamil) last week both have similar subject line…

Hindi - Toofaan

Tamil - Sarpatta Parambarai

This is not a comparison review but need to be discussed…

They both have very good characters established in the moves but my favourite is to Tamil movie - Director have given importance to both sides (Good / Bad) many characters are notable…

Director touch and experience speaks a lot In many frames… (Please don’t compare with Kabali / Kala)

Both Heroes have transformed very well and their efforts are financially appreciable​:clap::clap::clap:

Both screen play are interesting but I could see some sluggish in Tamil (second half) ( Might be due to the length of the movie) nothing as complaint…

Many details are available in Tamil movies but people need to know / understand the old political stories to enjoy much more…

In the other hand The Hindi movie is a pure entertainer…

I put my bet on Toofaan as definitely it will be a much big blockbuster than Sarpatta Parambarai…

After watching the movie and before going to bed… I was talking a resolution that I need to start running and do exercise from tomorrow onwards… But that “Tomorrow never comes” why because I woke up very late as I went to bed very late at 3 AM :worried::worried::worried:

I forgot to mention that the original Hero planned for this Sarpatta Parambarai was Suriya but don’t know how he could have fit in this character but Aarya definitely did well and did justice :ok_hand::clap::+1:

The another remarkable character is “Dancing Rose” he is the Tamil version of Jim Carrey (The Mask) :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I could see Sarpatta Parambarai as Prequal to Madras movie as many politics involved :+1:

Of all the actors the best role was played by Maariamma (Arya’s wife). Most practical.

Maariamma is Ultimate that too the kuthu dance after marriage is unavailable a complete surprise factor :wink::wink::wink: a complete new face… Well performed…

Many characters are notable and with remarkable performance and director have given equal importance to all like mother, uncle, master, villan and other boxer’s…

I agree that Sarpatta Parambarai will definitely is best and have many chances to win National and State awards…

My bet on Toofaan based on revenue collection (Big blockbuster) The winning race horse :racehorse:

Ohh shit what am I doing…. Movie review…… that too totally a wrong place…… I totally forgot this is Ather forum…… (Definitely not @tarun @abhishek.balaji would love to see the EV comparisons stories…) :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Let the EV maker (competitor shall release the product then will do a Comparison review)

So Wait for Ather 450X Vs Ols S1 Pro Vs Simple One

Always my Bet would be on Ather always :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Modern problems require modern solutions.