Tata Nexon EV

Follow the unveiling of NEXON EV here. Live now!

even none of the presenters are excited about the product

they don’t believe it

atleast should deliver on range promise they make

30kW - 300km not convincing, even by e20 standards/dimensions

but if they make it I’ll be surprised (may be in a limp mode al the time)

My summary from the unveil event


  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • 129ps power
  • 245Nm torque
  • Single speed transmission with final drive ratio of 9.1
  • 0-100 9.9 s
  • 0-60 4.5s


  • 30.2kwh li-ion 320 V
  • operating range -5 to 45 degree celcius
  • ip67
  • Liquid cooled
  • placed under the body
  • 300km range


  • 3.3KW AC onboard charger
  • CCS2 standard connector
  • 15A slow charger
  • 4km/min fast charging
  • 0-80% SOC in 60 mins fast charging
  • 20-80% SOC in 8hrs at home using slow charging

Mobile App

  • Around 35 connected features
  • Intrusion notification
  • Tow away notification

Other features

  • 1400kg kerb weight
  • 215/60R16 wheels
  • 350L boot space
  • RNDS modes
  • Smart Regen
  • Hill ascent and descent assist
  • 34% restart grading
  • 7 inch TFT
  • dual airbags
  • isofix


  1. XM
  • Auto AC
  • ABS + EBD
  • App
  • keyless entry push button start
  1. XZ+
  • dual tone roof
  • 16" alloys
  • reverse park assist
  • leather wrapped steering wheel
  1. XZ+ Lux
  • leatherette seats
  • Sunroof
  • automatic wipers
  • automatic headlamps

All in all, a good looking car and a well rounded package.
300kms range would’ve been acceptable if it is a real world range. But it is internal testing range. If real world range is 200-250kms…it will be confined to city usage IMO.
I feel it should be priced below 15lakhs OTR if it has to make good sales.
Booking open from tomorrow, 20.December.2019


Is the website for Nexon EV running?
Tried searching but couldn’t find it.

Looks good, but for a car, range seems slightly low.
Agree that 300kms “true range” would have been better!

They kept stressing on the fact that they CAN give us 600-700. Range but we don’t. Need it.
They pushed it on us that all you need is 200km of range. So I’m going to assume it’s going to deliver 200km finally.

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Need to see the real time range on the car… apart from that specs and features looks interesting… only thing now is the price I believe if on road price of the car is less than 15 lakhs in Bengaluru then its a good buy

The website is up

When do they unveil the price ?

A Kona owner is getting around 9km/Kwh, so with a 30kwh battery the Nexon EV should technically fetch 300km range. However this would depend on the regen settings that would be on the Nexon.

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Nexon is also 200 kilos lighter I think.

An estimate of the vehicle price is already there on their website. I’m sure they’ve trying to gauge reaction of the customers with this. Based on that they can fine tune the price. Booking amount is ₹21k and can be booked from today


Regarding the Regen when this topic started in presentation I felt they were bit hesitant. The other cars have regen levels. but here they mentioned smart regen.

need to wait and see how this smart regen works… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Oh… then 250 should be possible for most cases…

it will be launched on 28th of this month, media drive starts from 16th onwards.

There is review embargo till Jan 21st. so we can expect reviews t come out soon after that

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Looks like the consumption of the NEXON ev will be around 120Wh/Km
Considering a 30.2kWh battery pack that would give it a range of around 250. So something around 200-250km Km on a full charge. Seems like a good buy.
The only issue I seemed to have noticed is the front wheel drive and the torque on offer is too much for that set up.

Looks like range is gonna be around 240-245 km in full charge.
Not bad i guess ???

Not bad at all, imho

Is there any subsidy for EV cars in our state bro??
I’ve seen there will be a 25% reduction in road tax for next 5 yrs, does that impact the on road price of the vehicle in any manner??

I don’t know yet. The first adopters will have to cut their way thru and we’ll even know. Maybe Bangalore guys can answer better.

it all depends on your driving style and conditions, you can extract anywhere between 150 to 280km on this car i believe, only those doing hypermiling will achieve 300+.
road tax on EV in most states including karnataka is waived off, the onroad price and ex-showroom price has only the insurance and registration fees added to it.

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