Smart Charging

Hmm, trying to avoid firmware tweaks, preferably something that works out of the box.

In general, Homekit accessories are rare to come by in India. But I see this company is doing something around native support for HomeKit:

Maybe if enough people are interested, we can request for a private beta of sorts.


I think Ather team has good amount of data already available, and suggest better habits & recommendations.

@abhishek.balaji @tarun that should be possible. No? Maybe in next few OTA updates.

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Finally, using Amazon plug & jiofi router. Now, its a lill more convenient to start and stop charging remotely. BUT,

  • its equally annoying to go down 7 floors to switch off/ on that Jio router
  • and, I cannot select how much to charge (like to 80% & stop) @tarun please allow smart charging via the app that allows:
  • stop & start charging via the app
  • schedule charging
  • select how much to charge via the app (like the charging slider in Teslas)

You can leave the JioFi as it is, just like we keep our routers always on.

By the way, isn’t it prone to theft because it’s left in open space? Some one can just remove it from plug and take it.


Yup, there is that risk. But I have no choice until @tarun and his team prioritizes smart charging. I left the jio router plugged in for almost all day, and it was crazy hot. I fear I might end up frying it. :sweat_smile: I am really shocked that a smart scooter left or ignored smart charging completely.

Uff, I thought I’m weak in maths :rofl: but this entire discussion made me realise I’m good at Maths and why I haven’t got maths teacher like you guys :sob:

Iam facing idle drain issue like yesterday I charged at 92% and after 2 hrs 1% has decreased and today morning 2% has decreased and now when I turned on and just gone a few meteres 1% decreased…plz do something about this issue…!!

Sorry but my questions here are

  1. if you are going 7 floors down to switch of jiofi then what is the purpose of installing smart switch in the first place. Even the dot is in the same place.

  2. Smart plug app stop it from there. I think that is the whole purpose of smrt plug remote switch on and off in this case. Ofcourse automating smart plug requires some programming effort which for everyone might or might not be possible. But we can swith off remotely from samrtplug app.

He needs one for Dot Plug and one for Jiofi. Regular routers doesnt heat up much because of ventilation. JioFi will heat up expectedly on long usage.

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Hi sir don’t worry my suggestion is keep Full charge your vechical use shutdown mode try it once sir … Battery drain problem solve

After the 10.1.1 update, the idle drain has increased for me as well, it’s a 1% drop for every 2-2.5hrs. Previously it was a 1% drop for every 4-5hrs.

Battery drain is not my immediate concern here. Its the best practices to keep the battery healthy. I want to ensure that I don’t end up charging it to 100% all the time. I don’t even need full range. I ride ~30 kms every day. So, I target to shut down charging when it reaches ~80%. When I start charging, the Ather app shows me that it will reach 80% at say 11 pm. So, I ask Alexa to remind me to stop charging at 11 pm. When she reminds me, I ask her to stop charging and it works well (mostly). BUT, the most annoying part is why Ather is not enabling these smart charging features. Its beyond my understanding. May be they are working on it but how can I know.

I’m using Wipro smart plug. Adding automation to switch off when wattage is less than 100watts(smart plug switch ‘off’ even before when dashboard displays charging completion and soc remains at 100% till morning 6am with charging adapter plug to vehicle not removed ( which may reduce small soc for locking the adapter plug)) and Schedule to switch ‘on’ in evening daily in weekdays in Wipro next smart home app. Works without wifi daily and without switching ‘off’ manually (socket switch remains ‘on’ normally). Connecting charging adapter plug to vehicle at evening and removing at morning is only work to do for charging the vehicle.

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Hey Abhishek,

I am Prashanth, Co-founder of Wozart. The Wozart smart plug will be available from last week of this month. As you rightly mentioned, Wozart is the only Indian company with devices compatible with Apple HomeKit. Our devices also work with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings in parallel. If you have any questions, I am available at