Simple Energy One

no it isn’t all,it has very choppy animations and wasted space you can barely see range while riding and rest of the UI looks like old android launcher


my favourite journalist :heart: saved the video for later when i have free time


Some where I heard people complaining about the charger that charges overnight and asking to wait for this. (as 750W charger is chargeable extra on cost).

It seems these guys are doing the same. May be this option with Simple is simply acceptable I guess.

But one thing I can appreciate is that these guys are not restricting for any variant unlike Ather which I think is meaning less. Like restricting other features is ok but charging speeds is not necessary.

Other than this I can’t see any further to appreciate.

That dashboard and UI o…h I better don’t comment.

May be a Simple UI for Simple enthusiasts, not a buy for me

Hey forgot to mention the cheapest no no verry verry cheapest vehicle tag. Oh sorry can’t stick that sticker now it seems. Anyways good to see a oldest new comer in the market freshly again. Wish a good luck.