Side stand interlock issue

Hii… The motor do not get start if the side stand is engaged. If you start the motor and then engage the stand then motor doesn’t off… Is this the issue with my scooter or every one has this issue.??

In my other scooter Yamaha Ray ZR engine stops if we engage the side stand anytime.

Please clarify @abhishek.balaji This may be safety issue…


It’s there with everyone.

It is done for safety reasons.

That’s what I am saying… it’s not fool proof mechanism… The motor should not start whenever you engage the side stand… it may b before starting the motor or after starting the motor…

Actually, no, this was done on purpose based on a valid thought process. There is a risk of motor cutoff if the side stand is accidentally engaged during ride.

I am sure you agree, this is the lesser of the two evils: the probability of an accident due to side-stand engagement while in motion is surely less than the high probability of accident if the motor cuts off when the vehicle is in motion (or in on-state in general), right?


It happened with my ride too yesterday I could ride with the side stand engaged ! ,And could reverse too? Is it normal or a glitch?

Its not a very good thought out process. Why would the stand come out while the bike is moving? Why will anyone pull out the stand while they bike is moving? This “feature” is for everyone and Ather needs to think over it again. Stand out motor should cut off and may be there should be beeps, idk, love to see the suggestions here.

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In addition to what @harshithbhat rightly said, check this for the rationale: Introducing Series 1 - the Ather 450X Collector's edition

This is also how other 2Ws in the market implement the side stand sensor.

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