Share your feedback on the pricing of 450X!

Hey @450X-Pre-Orders,

Based on the feedback and suggestions from the forum and from the open houses across the country, we are exploring if these pricing options make sense.

Do note, these are exploratory, and may not make it to the final pricing options.

Subscription option 1

Upfront payment of ₹1,15,000 and monthly payment of ₹1,499 INR [Pro Level Performance]

This includes

• Unlimited battery replacement

• Ather Dot - home charger

• Unlimited Ather Grid public charging

• Connected services

• Over-the-air software upgrades

  • Will still buy upfront
  • Still doesn’t fit my usage
  • Better than current plans

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Subscription option 2

Upfront payment of ₹1,29,000 and monthly payment of ₹1,099 [Pro Level Performance]

This includes

• Unlimited battery replacement

• Ather Dot - home charger

• Unlimited Ather Grid charging

• Connected services included

• Over-the-air software upgrades included

  • Will still buy upfront
  • Still doesn’t fit my usage
  • Better than current plans

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Tell us what you think. Which option makes sense for you and which one would you go for?


These plans make no sense at all … adding 15k and 30k extra and deduct 500 and 1000 from monthly payments , I suggest make some attractive upfront payment plan without any monthly charges and if you are more interested in taking monthly subscriptions , offer some lover down payment plan


Please note the upfront price.

  1. 1,15,000 and monthly 1.5k
  2. 1,29,000 and monthly 1.1k. I would say for the masses who want to adopt ev are also looking for affordability and the 450x isint the one for them.

It’s not about masse and affordability…it’s simple maths

Hi Kumar,

The price you’ll pay upfront (1.49L or 1.59L) will not change. We are seeking feedback on different subscription plans that would make sense to users, based on their usage. So upfront price you pay under the subscription will go up, bringing down the monthly fee you pay.

We will have financing options as well, such as loan and lease, which we’ll announce at a later date.

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I guess Rs 1,29,000 and a subscription of Rs 1,099 makes so much more sense. Feels like a natural progression from Rs 1,13,700. I feel like the plans launched at the event were very highly dependent on bringing the cost of the vehicle below the 1 lakh mark. People wouldn’t mind paying about about 10-15k extra for the vehicle and a little extra per month out of pocket as a subscription fee which includes Pro level performance, almost Ather One level of facilities and freedom from worrying about degradation. This seems like the right balance!


Are these Rs.1,099/- or Rs.1,499/- inclusive of GST? @abhishek.balaji

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Point 1:

Subscription plans are really a bad thing !

EV means freedom, i.e no depending on any petrol stations or monthly bills. If i install solar in home, i should be able to run it for free.

Point 2: Locking the performance of the bike with software is really EVIL.

Until the day i heard about the subscription plan for Ather i was considering on par with Tesla, now it feels exactly opposite to Tesla !

Point 3: Ather should keep things simple and concentrate on engineering front like fast charging in home/portable by coolant of some sort, entering in to EV Bike market after success of EV scooter segment like that.

Most of us expected 450X to be around 1.4L to 1.5L on road before launch, that’s fine for the features you added from proper processor to connectivity and other bells and whistles.

But the moment subscription plan was announced i was completely disappointed and lost all hope with Ather.

Final Point: Tesla didn’t complexly plan to siphon money out of superchargers (charging) or from subscription plans.

Their only earning is from selling cars, and all Tesla made sure of one thing, to make the best car out there.


Paying at the rate of 1,099 one would almost break even with the annual subscription of Ather One. An increase in about 15k in the upfront cost compared to the 450 might justify the improved range, performance, features and experience.

Not to also mention that you get unlimited battery warranty for almost the same price as Ather One.


Thanks for the feedback!

We did explain this earlier. Right now, we are offering a mode affordable version of the 450X - the 450X Plus. It is more efficient for us to achieve the target cost by streamlining the hardware for both the Plus and Pro. If there’s enough demand for the Plus, we’ll differentiate them with hardware.

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Note that these prices are still exploratory, but yes, inclusive of GST.


I have no prob. with pay subscription but it still costly than my 150cc bike petrol expenses. Ather may include maintenance in mothly subscription ( <=1000rs.) than it will be attractive package for all people who like to buy EV.

For the option B(Rs1099 plan),what will be the additional cost to be paid if we r going to pay remaining cost towards battery after 5yrs of time. Respond @abhishek.balaji .I just need some rough calculated value. Also consoder a situation that after 5yrs because of degradation and i got replacement.If i opt out after 1yr(i.e 6th year),how much should i pay extra? This is very serious question.

No, this is the reason most of Ather owners considers Ather 450 to be a true collectors edition bike.

Ather 450 is far better bike when it comes to value for money than the Ather 450X Plus, the same reason why you might had seen surge in Ather 450 pre orders than 450X, after the 450X launch event.


Are you also considering a lower subscription for the plus variant even for these new subsciption plans

This subscription model is making no sense as there is no clarity for the Arther One yearly charges which we need to pay on top of this. Paying a down payment, then subscription, then arther one. so much confusion for a layman.

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Ather Service is not included in both these subscriptions. If we would like to opt-in for the service as well then what would be the cost ? If the Ather service is a standalone subscription pack then please do let us know how much it’s gonna cost/month.