Setting up Your Home Charging Point

Discussions around setting up your home charging Point/wall socket can be done here.

Can the home charging point be exposed to outside environment? I mean can it be installed in a place where it may be exposed to rain, dust and sunlight?

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Hi Harsha,
Yes! In fact, that’s one of the main advantages of having the Point, our home charging system. Exposed sockets are open to a lot more risk than our home charging system. In fact, one of the first functional Points we installed was in exposed Parking at IBC Knowledge Park (where we have the Ather office).


For delivery scheduled in Jan-2019, when will the charging point be installed?!


I have the same question too…

What about delivery scheduled for April 19?

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In general, for the next couple of months, installation will be after full payment has been received, typically in the week of delivery of your vehicle.

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What about charging point installations for those who live in apartments?
Will your Technician take care of the wiring and other related issues?

How many days before the delivery of the vehicle is the home charging point usually set up? And I am guessing it happens only after payment process is complete?

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Yes they do survey, Feasibility and then install… But u have to get prior permission from association, if association say ok. Then your part done, then ather technician will take care to install

What does Ather Do during Home Charging Point Assessment
posting this for the benefit of all upcoming assessment

Checkpoints are :

  • Electricity meter and parking slot
  • All electrical parameters for a seamless installation
  • If there’s a need for additional work, over and above the standard installation parameters.

What does one do after assessment :

While Ather manage all the installation related processes for you, you just need to get the necessary permissions from your housing society, and that’s if you live in an apartment.

Here are the FAQ and the Govt. of Karnataka’s EV policy, some easy-to-understand information that you might want to read up on or share it with your association’s rep to get the permissions.

List of things included in free installation:

  • Assessment and installation of the charging Point by Ather’s trained technicians
  • Cabling and conduiting up to 20 meters at no extra cost
  • Testing & commissioning of the charging Point
  • Any non-standard installation cost incurred needs to be paid by you. Of course, Ather will start the installation work only after your approval

Forgot to mention one more point.

**What do they check ** for

All electrical parameters for a seamless installation

  • AC Voltage
  • Phase to Neutral Voltage
  • Phase to Earth Voltage
  • Earth to Neutral Voltage

Very convenient stuff. Why not like this?


i think we can tweak it

i will after warranty

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Hello Ather Team and Owners !!

Can you post some pictures of the charging setup done at your home?

Thanks !!


entire operation took 1.5 hours


how long after your payment did the point get installed?