🚀 Rolling out Atherstack 5.2


I got an update 5.2 but still autohold not there

Updated my gen 2 scooter to new version a few days back and even to 5.2 but have noticed some lag during music switch options and Bluetooth even noticed that after unplugging my vehicle from charger the lights start first and the display later which was not the case earlier


This is my first update after purchasing 450x on Jan , while installing the update everytime it shows verifying the update and next it shows installing the update, so is it normal for guys also @tarun.


Hey just now I fixed it with some help from YouTube Just restart your Ather by holding both brakes + ignition switch for 10 sec then it will restart. Then do the update manually will take upto 2min for the update to reflect in setting and around 30min to get updated


Please vote at: Need average trip efficiency back on dashboard if you agree. Not sure, if topic is easily viewable / accessible. Hence, posting link here.


@shyam.mohan i have got the latest update n map function on Ather is not usable. It really sucks . Please bring update to fix Map. Arrow always shows opposite direction in which vehicle is moving . After update it has become useless for Ather owners.


I purchased Gen 2 in May 2022. Today got. 5.2 update.


Same issue here, I would like the Ather team to look into this and fix it as soon as possible :sweat_smile:

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Received the update today. Observations as follows:

  1. Bluetooth still a pain. Never connects. Tried resetting the scooter after update and also tried deleting and pairing again. No Go!!. Even though it shows connected on the phone but it does not on the scooter.

  1. UI a little faster than before

  2. Map is still super laggy. Doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t move with the movement of the scooter.

  1. Map arrow still stuck in 1 direction. Sometime its a dot on the map and sometimes the arrow pops up on its own. You can see in the video below at around 1:05 or 1:08.
  1. It does not even reroute if we take a different route.

  2. Cant see the dash properly during day time as I feel the brightness levels have been compromised.

  3. Auto theme missing.

Haven’t tried charging so can’t comment on optimised charging if it exists for Gen 2 in this update.

More to follow when I test the software in my upcoming rides.


My Autohold is working at plain road also but not working perfectly at slopes. Kindly tell me if anyone has this issue and inform me if any solution is there.

I haven’t received the app update from 6.2.0 to 6.3.0, whoever received the update, can link the apk file? I just want to test the Bluetooth functionality.


app 6.2 there are no problems with Bluetooth connectivity for now … i am on atherstack 5.2

Autohold sometimes does not disengage even when applying brakes it continuously engages. The only option is to move forward or to manually disengage it in the settings Ather Kindly look into this


Map: Live traffic Update not working.


Auto Hold feature:


Gosh… that zooming out/in is ridiculously painful…! Sigh :pensive:


Here is my personal take on the UI revamping. (No offence and not commenting on any ones opinion, it’s purely my opinion)

  1. Revamping of UI actually happened because of lot of requests. Many of us here in forum also requested to have both riding data and maps on same screen for ease of visibility.

  2. I remember Ather taking up a survey several months back. Weather UI revamping is required and what are we as users expecting. So lot of changes came based on that.

  3. Yes I am little upset on removal of certain features like trip-B but that is not a huge thing degrading my experience compared to the improvements in experience (Understand many had issues on maps and connectivity. I didn’t have those issues after Update except for TPMS sync).

  4. Implementation of call and music info is good now given we can easily see it in left top rather than assessing it from right bottom (this takes some effort for me, but now I can see without looking much into screen).

  5. Tyre pressure info is available easily on screen itself rather than just a alert.

  6. I am not a fan ever of providing incognito mode on dashboard without password. Even now they haven’t implemented this feature and now it is even more easy to keep it in incognito. So Ather please bring password protection there is a genuine use case here.

  7. The way they made the information and settings available is much easy and better in flow now just at a swipe away (this actually reduced the effort, previously we have to go into menu then sig into all options and it is hectic always for me).

  8. Vector maps and perspective view is something which we all wanted to have. The implementation is clean except for the thick line for route (it can be much thinner thus not hiding the live traffic data, now that data is not usable though it is available).

Maps section need to improve further but considering this is first time on a two wheeler. More fine tuning can be done and expecting in coming iterations.

I felt the implementation is not so cluttered given we wanted all info available at all the time (again Many asked in this forum and also via survey commenting based on that).

Improvements in brightness is required in the new UI it is a downgrade for now.


i feel the auto brightness level at night time should be around Zero on that brightness bar. Now its around 20% in the auto mode.


Adding additional point to map that it still pickup the route for car rather than two wheeler. Sometimes it takes us to a longer route even when a shorter route is available.