Need average trip efficiency back on dashboard

With new dashboard ui, many useful information which was available earlier is removed from dashboard. Key is average trip efficiency. There are some more data points like time details of current trip, trip b.

Average trip efficiency is crucial. Ride statistics are of limited use when you are on long ride as it is broken into smaller rides as you stop.

Average trip efficiency found to be critical when I had to prove my battery degradation. See relevant topic at:

If someone is not planning for app subscription in future, there is no way for the person to know such information.

I request Ather to bring back important data which was available earlier in dashboard.

Please vote if you agree.


Big request to bring this back. Average trip efficiency was a direct correlation to my riding style for that trip. If i was hard on my acceleration and riding it immediately let me know.


Ather must add Realtime efficiency some where near the speed of the vehicle.

So that one can figure out how they can use throttle so that they can travel to the destination without 0% SOC.


we need this feature back