Rajeshkav's Review of the Ather 450

Finally, I am the owner of flight 8761 (that’s what @Abhishek calls)

Excellent service from Ather on delivery. Offered me water, coffee made me relax first before explaining all the features. It was smooth.

I bought it through the lease. Uday and Julie of Autovert were warm, so friendly all the time (first photo). Who does not want to do business with such guys? Spent about an hour with these folks alone!

8761 was charged 100%, with 74km range when I left experience centre. I drove around 35Km today. Still, I have 65% charge and range says I can still commute another 64Km !! Awesome!

I was stopped by at least 10 people on my way back home. It was pleasant answering so many folks!

Order ID: 1409

Chronology of dates:

Order Date : 05 June 2018
Original Delivery Month: Nov 2018
Rescheduled Delivery month: Jan 2019
Assessment Date : 05 Jan 2019
Call for payment: 28 Jan 2019
Dashboard updated for payment: 29 Jan 2019
Lease application submitted : 29 Jan 2019
Lease approval : 30 Jan 2019
Payment made : 01 Feb 2019
Installation done: 09 Feb 2019
Insurance issued : 11 Feb 2019
Call for delivery : 13 Feb 2019 (ready by 15th Feb)
Delivery date: 16 Feb 2019


WARNING! This is an exhaustive review and bear with me. This review is based after the 200+km ride and I hope this serves as a good guide for the prospective/future Ather Owners. However, feel free to question me. First I will write good things, followed by improvement points and finally great misses of this current version/model. Well, these are my own review comments and I understand some of us might differ with what I have said below.

Many Good things:

  1. Eyeful: Catchy, Trendy, Innovative
    a. It is Indian, that too our own ‘namma Bengaluru’ make
    b. Green
  2. Riding quality/Handling: So far so good. Quite smooth. Gravitational (G) centre is very well designed hence riding and manoeuvring are so easy. Even with speed less than 5Km per hour, your leg can still be off from the road and still have good control (balance) of the vehicle. On acceleration and speed tthe oo, vehicle has superb control and it is really pleasant.
  3. Acceleration: Excellent acceleration and it really zooms… (however I lack punch of geared vehicle , say with half clutch)
  4. Range: 75+ Eco mode is guaranteed; For my riding style, I see 90km+ range after 4 charging cycle. (Today’s range is 94Km)
  5. Front Shock Absorber: Quite responsive. On humps and pot holes, it is very responsive you will cruise over them.
  6. Handle grip: Ergonomic design. Feel of the handle is nice. I do not think we need to look for extra cover over it.
  7. Buttons : Well designed. However, it may take a day or two to get used to it from your current vehicle.
  8. Mirrors: As buttons, you may take a day or two to get used to it from your older vehicle. I am quite comfortable now.
  9. Floor Grip: Well designed and has a very good grip with the shoe. Personally, I do not think, a mat is required over it. Cleaning the floor grips and in between are easy and I think good home work on these minute things.
  10. Seat: Good for short people and average up to 5’5". Front of the seat has a slope towards the front and which is good for short people.
  11. Brakes : Superb braking. CBS works beautifully and perfect.
  12. Lights: LED lighting is good even in pitch dark. I really liked the low beam.
  13. Storage space: Well designed. A big full face helmet can easily sit here. Good thinking to create small holes in the bottom which will help to drain the water.
  14. Dashboard: First Software driven, GPS enabled scooter.
  15. Excellent team members -Starting from Experience centre, Charging Assessment, Installation, Delivery. Calm and pleasant nature really wins the heart.
  16. Great Hearing Team: They have open ears to hear all our comments. Couple of my suggestions are already implemented.
  17. Customer Care: So far so good. When I call them they know who called and they address by my name. Feels good that my number/name is recognized.
  18. Forum: Guess Ather is the first company to come up with a forum where its customer can discuss openly.
  19. Good partner - Autovert for Lease.
  20. Home Charging Point: Though some of us(including me) argue why separate station is required/can’t we use normal 5A socket, I finally concur with Ather that charging station gives ease of use and its user experience is totally different.
  21. On Road Price: A complete number that is known to customer before ordering. Only Ather does.

Improvement points: (I am calling as improvement points because I feel these are implementable in the current version of Ather)

  1. Rear Shock Absorber: Compared with my Pulsar, my pillion rider said it is not as comfortable as the motorcycle. This is especially true in humps. Normally we tend to accelerate a little when the front tyre crosses the hump. If we do the same, pillion rider gets a massive kick from the rear mono shock.
    My Own Solution: Wait for the rear tyre to cross the hump and then accelerate.
  2. Headlight: I feel high beam is not that effective. Not sure whether it is due to alignment mismatch. As of today, it is pointing at the sky and I do not see any usage.
  3. Horn: Sometimes it sounds like BMTC bus’s horn!!! I am not a honker, however, for Indian roads, Horn is much needed. I feel it very feeble and cannot really make a real presence to alert.
  4. Dashboard Display Intensity: Too bright at night even with manual override. A black theme is much needed in the next OTA Update.
  5. FAN: TOOO NOISY !!!..
    a. Isn’t there a silent type of Fan?
    b. Not sure whether Fan turns ON based on the temperature.
    c. And I do not know why does FAN to be turned ON while charging. Should the fan be ON all the time while it is charging? Can’t it be turned on with duty cycle?
    d. Does trickle charging also require a fan to be ON? (I do have a 2KW inverter at home and its fan is absolute silent)

I am very sure, my next house neighbour will complain soon and he will say he cannot sleep at night :frowning:

Solution: If the fan cannot be silenced, can the charging be set for a certain duration and turned off completely by phone app?

  1. Brake Lock: Need brake lock badly.
    a. This will help me to park in slope
    b. Also, this will help accidental push that will be resulting in fall.
  2. Seat: Personally I prefer flat seat and not tapering down. It is tiring after a while if the seat is sloped.
  3. Dashboard: Lot of features are required (Probably Android like base and all option should be small apps so that OTA can be small and pushed at regular intervals like our phone apps today)
    a. At least 2 trip meters (Trip A, Trip B)
    b. Battery Percentage
    c. Regen % indication
    d. Different colour themes (black theme first priority)
    e. Maps: Clearing the recent places, Traffic condition, Alternate directions (fastest route, less traffic etc.) before I push go button
  4. Phone App: Following features are missing today
    a. Need Shutdown button in the app. I do not want to go to scooter again to shut down if I decide after walking into home. This will also help as a security feature in case of theft.
    b. Battery Health (Original Capacity, Current Capacity, No of Charge Cycles done)
    c. Trip Analytics - Trip details, Energy consumption for a ride, Electric Units consumed for every charge, Regen details, etc.
  5. Number Plate: There is a ruling from the Ministry of Transport (CMVR50) on this aspect. I remember reading that font height should be 35mm, the width should be 7mm and the distance between numbers also should be 5mm (IND embossed number plate are with this spec). Funda is that numbers should be readable from the distance of 20mtr (to be specific 20.5mtr, approx. 5 cars away). Guess today’s green plates are not complied (at least in my scooter). I prefer embossed IND plates.
  6. Home Delivery : When everything is through online, why not delivery to my doorstep? A option could have been nice.

Great Misses: (Probably points that make the vehicle even better)

  1. Centre Stand: I miss this very much. Why do I need the Centre stand?
    a. Space required to park the vehicle with side stand is more. More real estate is needed.
    b. With the centre stand, I can even park on the slope.
    c. Less chance of accidental fall.
    d. Cleaning the tyres and rim is not possible at one go with the side stand. I have to move the vehicle to reach the farther part of the tyres.
  2. Tyre Nozzle: Orientation of Air Nozzles are certainly NOT user-centric design. Ather should consider both nozzles should orient to only one side. In today’s design, one has to do a ‘pradakshina’ to fill the air.
  3. SIM Option: Option to switch to our own data provider
  4. USB Port - For charging phone + Software update (for those people who will not go for data package)
  5. Bluetooth - For the connection between phone and vehicle (for Caller Alert)
  6. Indicator: Side stand indicator
  7. Passkey (high beam passkey)
  8. Standalone GPS (not A-GPS)
  9. ABS
  10. Ambient Light Sensor
  11. Cruise control
  12. Side Foot Rest for ladies (I do not understand the logic of saree guard in the current version when there is no side footrest :smiley: )
  13. Colour Options
  14. Accessories

Overall, it is a great vehicle. I am proud of you Ather! A great product by our people!


Thanks for the detailed review including clear description of pros and cons.
I am not sure if anyone has mentioned about the ground clearance.

What would happen if we scrape the bottom on a unscientifically build speed bump ( majority are these in and around Bangalore). Will it damage the battery pack ?

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I am yet to be an owner of Ather 450… But to answer your question, From the looks of the naked bike at experience center, we can take it on any speed bump.
Because there is a steel casing that has the lowest point surrounding the battery, which will take the impact leaving the battery to happily stay:-)…
And apart from this there is a plastic underbody below the battery and the steel casing (To route airflow to cool the battery). That will take minor impacts and heavy impact will be taken care by the steel casing… So no worries:-)


There is no issue on ground clearance , hence there was no comment :smiley: There is plenty of gap (160mm) . In my last 6 months of riding I have not hit any humps so far.

On impact to battery pack @gokul.chinnasamy answered it … It is designed well and tested too.

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I have hit once when I was offroading!
Only once

Check this post by Shreyas on Battery Penetration test.