Pricing and Changes

Point D amounting to 40000 is only if you decide to return the vehicle
Point E amounting to 15000 is only if you decide to retain the vehicle
If you decide to retain, you’ll not get 40000 and you’ll have to pay 15000
So if you retain the vehicle, Point F will become +55000 and not -25000
So net cost of vehicle if you decide to retain it will be 206920 (not 166920)

If you go for Loan, it’ll be 188732.
So Loan is better if we want to retain the vehicle
If we decide to return the vehicle, lease is better

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Please let us know, any deductions during lease termination/foreclosure/etc


Whether, GST is extra on leasing or the quote mentioned is inclusive of GST?!

Hey Guys
My number is up here… and my delivery is in the coming week so wanted to revise over everything!
I wanna choose the loan plan for 4 yrs but seeing the lease plan I pondered over it too…
now my actual confusion is the Ather 450 worth the 1.5lac budget??
130k+19k is only for the scooter!
Now I have added the Ather subscription which will 9k(Opting for Ather Connect Plan for let’s say 4 years itself)
So that’s a total of 1.58-1.59lacs!

After 4 years of use… the battery deterioration will come in and I would have to opt for a battery change in the 5-6th year so that will be around 35k minimum!

All this doesn’t even include the service charges/parts replacement!
So, in the long run, this scooter will be costing around 2lacs !


Please share your experience and thoughts about your pre-owned vehicles!
This is my first vehicle…and the first vehicle in my family too!
I am a student who is buying for city commute nothing more!
And wanted to request Ather if they are looking into buy-back option after 3 years for a newer model or trade old scooter for new type of plans! Because this is a first gen product!


Go for lease option straight for 3 years with ₹75k down-payment.
After 36 month u will have an opportunity to go for new one. Of course you won’t be owning a scooter.

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Why is Ather one no more included in the first year. I see only Ather Service being included for the first year. Why this change?


That scheme only for early bird adaptors… they were saying atherone and free charging pod at home going to be removed after few months. thats what they said when I preordered…

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They are still offering unlimited public charging but removed reimbursement of home charging. So can Ather confirm that the folks who pre ordered early get Ather one for the first year.

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The lease plans are inclusive of GST. I got this clarified.

This sounds like an amazing option as the net cost would be under 1 lakh and with the cash back we would be able to upgrade to the latest version…


I am slowly loosing my patience!! :slight_smile: if they dont do anything good about the pricing then I might start calling it an electric JAWA!!

Includes insurance cost also?

Could you get any answers for these? Just curious.

Yes, the vehicle is comprehensively covered for insurance.


Here is a quick comparison of Lease vs Loan for different downpayment options over a span of 3 years. Will help you work out which option works for you best.


Should Ather launch a newer version or an enhanced battery version 18 months from the date of delivery - what would be the best option then? Could you help with your analysis…

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@magneta, @phanindrabharath
Sharing Autovert’s responses to queries on post-lease deductions, the inclusion of insurance cost and GST, and foreclosure of lease below.

Deductions at the end of 36 months:

  1. No deductions for standard wear and tear - i.e. tyres, brakes, handle grips, rubber parts etc.
  2. No depreciation fee or any other charges on reduced battery performance (if any at all)
  3. Only in cases where there is visible damage/ abuse to the vehicle, there will be some deductions, which however is capped to Rs.5,000/-

All rentals mentioned include GST

  1. The lock-in period is only for 12 months, after that the customer is free to exit anytime
  2. If a customer chooses to pre-close within 12 months, then the 12-month rental will be due (adjusted with the down-payment)

Illustration: Downpayment - Rs.40,000/ and exits at the end of 9 months

The vehicles are covered for insurance for the entire period of the lease. The customer does not pay for any insurance (~Rs.15,000/ in a 3 year period). However, in case of own damage (including wilful damage/ abuse/ negligent maintenance etc.), where the damages are determined to be below Rs.5000/, the customer is liable to bear the cost.

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hey @srinivas29, for all those who pre-ordered an Ather scooter on or before 31-Oct-2018, Ather One will be free during the first year of ownership. For those who have pre-ordered on or after 1-Nov-2018, Ather Service will be free during the first year of ownership. We sent you an update email about it on 1-Nov-2018.

Ather One is a comprehensive plan and will include home charging reimbursement as well as unlimited public charging.

PS- If a pre-order customer chooses to go for the lease option, Ather One will be part of the monthly rental fee through the tenure of the lease regardless of when the customer pre-ordered (as indicated on the website).

Hey, @kumaranchal thanks a lot for the analysis which you have done…
I think I am gonna go for loan option cuz I don’t want to pay 1.5lac for a vehicle just for 3 yrs…
I would prefer using for minimum 6 yrs! which will cost me around 2+ lacs if I am right with the Ather Connect subscription.

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