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What is the total cost of 450 coming up to now after the mandatory increase in insurance?
My pre ordered was done on June 6 and back then I believe it was around 1.25 as i remember.


As per the homepage of Ather’s website, the 450 is ₹1,28,023 and the 340 is ₹1,13,023.

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Did the price of ather 450 increase to 1.3L???

Seems like the price has gone up from 1.28 to 1.30 now

Just to clarify, There were two increases:
IRDAI has made it mandatory to buy third party insurance for the first 5 years at the time of purchase AND increased the compulsory Personal Accident cover to 15lacs. The first of the above increased it to 1,28,023 and the 2nd bit (which we updated after a gap) increased the price to 1,30,714.

Does this clarify?


It does for now I guess, thanks for the quick reply though!

2 questions:
What was the 2nd bit of increase for?
Is it applicable for new bookings only or the bookings that are still pending too?

What about the FAME II subsidy?

The 2nd increase was due to the increase in the compulsory Personal Accident cover to 15lacs. The first one was because the mandatory insurance timeline went up to 5 years. This should apply to all private vehicles - there is an increase in both car prices and two-wheeler prices as a result of the IRDAI regulation that came in on 01-September.


What is the GST rate on leasing the electric vehicle? I guess it is 12%. Whether the lease rates published includes GST or it is extra?

I don’t have any experienced knowledge in leasing the vehicle. However, down-payment of refundable ₹75k( which is equivalent of on road price of ntorq) and using 450 for 3 years looks good for me. At the end of 36th month, my avg spending for the scooter will be ₹105k.

What deductions could be there after 36 month leasing?

  1. Battery discharge more than Ather calculation.
    2)worn out bearing/suspensions.
    3)Scratched digi screen
  2. worn out rubber materials including tyres
  3. reduced luminosity of lights and scratches on their covers
  4. scratches on plastic body covers.
    7)worn out foot steps, foot rest area, seat, handle grips, mirrors
  5. lastly reduced motor performance.

Hi all,

There was a discussion about the lease plan on another thread. We wanted to share the following note from Autovert - our leasing partner.

What made us offer these new lease rental plans?

  1. To offer customers convenient options that work well over a short tenure - 12-18 months, medium tenure - 18 to 36 months, and a long tenure - beyond 36 months, whereas the earlier lease plan was geared well for a medium tenure.
  2. To give customers the option of retaining the scooter at the end of the tenure, something which was absent in the earlier lease plan.
    Below are a couple of scenarios based on both the options available (at time of exit from the plan) of cashback (non-ownership) and retainer (ownership) to illustrate benefits of the current lease rental in comparison to the earlier lease rental arrangement.

Scenario 1: Customer decides to make a downpayment of Rs.40000/- and exit the lease plan at end of 14 months

Scenario 2: Customer decides to make a downpayment of Rs.50000/- and exit the lease plan at end of 25 months

In case you have any questions about the lease plan, please post them here. We will check with our partner and get back to resolve your queries.

Just want to know honest reply

  1. people who are waiting after booking will get delivery on time as per new schedule


  1. people who opt for leasing will get vehicle with out waiting period ???

What are ather priorities on this matter.
Kindly reply




Could someone on the forum help with some kind of analysis if it is better to go for a loan or for a lease - Instinctively the lease option looks very lucrative with flexibility…


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Hi @edinankith,

As far as I can understand its safe to assume that you will save some money when you buy back the scooter after its lease period.

Ex: keeping 36 months as the usage period, I would incur:
A. Down payment: Rs. 40,000
B. Lease Amount paid (4220*36): Rs. 151,920

C. Total (A+B) = Rs. 191,920

D. Amount as Cash Back Rs. 40,000
E. Amount paid to buy back: Rs. 15,000
F. Net Cash back (C-D) Rs. 25,000


Where as if opted for finance (36 months)

A. Down payment: Rs. 30,000
B. EMI Amount paid (3512*36): Rs. 126,432
C. 3 yrs Ather One: Rs. 30,000
D. Processing plus others: Rs 2,300
E. Total: Rs 188,732

I could be wrong but let me know if the above makes sense…



I would like to know for a senario where I had leased for 24 months and returned the vechile with in 12 months. (Pre-closer of the contract)

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Plus adding to this, Even if battery’s performance gets deteriorated by the end of 3rd year we don’t have to worry. Just return the vehicle.