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Why is dat, still no vehicle reviews from owners.
If dey are not willing to.Den y don’t TEAM ATHER get feedback from dem nd post on forum :v:t2:


We request members of the forum to continue the conversation on lease and loan in the Pricing & Changes thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is it safe to assume that Ather will run a Battery replacement programme?? Our assumption of the same needs to be verified…If we draw a parallel to the premium cell phone industry like the Iphone - the company does not provide battery replacement/s!!

Do you agree??


For three years, the battery is covered under unlimited usage warranty. Beyond that, the battery would still be very much usable, but in case you wish to replace it at any point, we will run a battery replacement program. We can communicate the actual cost to you only at that point. However, the estimated ball-park figure is INR 35-40K, which will come down with time owing to macroeconomic factors.

Additionally, we are in very early stages of considering battery buy-back from the customer (for re-utilization in another application) to effectively bring down the cost of replacement incurred by customers. However, the fruition of this really depends on how well the energy storage market matures.


Did I hear used batteries for storage, Yes please. For energy storage space is not a issue, even if the battery pack has lost 60 to 70% of its charge, its any day better then lead acid battery.

If you do have those kind of batteries now please let me know. I would find use for it for my personal use.


No matter the intentions, it has been proven time and again that once you start collecting data from users, it eventually gets used for other purposes like monitoring by govt agencies, usage for marketing etc.
As a owner one should have the complete control over how they want to use their vehicle. To be tracking and recording the location of the vehicle ALL THE TIME is absolutely unethical. Please give us an option to disable this.


Agree completely. By default, the vehicle should be in incognito mode and only upon the user’s desire, he might agree to share. If it is other way, it is the invasion of privacy and unauthorized access of user data. I am sure this might be in fine print somewhere which we will never see and blindly sign :cry:


+1 for @rajeshkav’s suggestion. Also, don’t try to be, we are the premium “Apple-like” brand, that restricts choices for users. Assume your users are not technically challenged and can make good decisions about what they want( to borrow a technical analogy, can be like Linux users with superuser privileges, instead of the default OS using herd ). Anyway those are the kind of people that will build your brand initially by word of mouth and aggressive evangelizing and start the process of fossil fuel demand destruction in Bangalore with a passion. So better have those folks on your side.


Me too! I want used batteries that are even at 60 - 50% of their capacity. I want to use them for my Home Solar Application. I have almost my entire top floor free and I can build a room just for housing the battery packs. I can use them until the capacity falls below 30 - 20 percent and then send them for recycling.

I can use multiple battery packs in parallel to compensate for their low capacity individually.


My top speed is 90, it is very comfortable in ride.


Can you please explain charging installation procedure or share photograph particularly how it is installed in apartments ?. Apartments will have only pillars today mounting on the charger on the pillar may not be allowed. Is there separate stand provided for installation to mount the charger?


Has anyone tried lease option?! Wanted to understand the process.

@Shreyas @sandeepnvp is correct. I distinctly remember your staff saying that the 450 gets a home point as well as charging cable. Is that not right?


@Shreyas Is the displayed range based purely on the battery discharge rate or does it take into account past driving patterns and gives a projected battery discharge rate based on that?

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Vehicles booked on or before a certain date (Oct 31 if I remember correctly) will include either the home wall unit or the portable cable unit with 5A plug. If you want the both, then one is chargeable.

Any vehicle, calculates the DTE by taking remaining fuel/charge and the recent past driving pattern


When we had our demo, it was made clear to us that home charging point will be installed for free. Cable for wall socket will not be the part of the same & can be purchased separately.


Its like buying a laptop and having the charger fixed at home… or else I will have to go to those centers to charge it… not fair… If I had to then why wouldn’t I stick to conventional 2 wheeler?? Not fair considering we are paying huge premium for your product!!

My scooty has 5 litre petrol volume capacity equivalent to 3.7445 kgs.

Energy per kg of petrol is 13kWh (from wikipedia).

Total energy can be stored in tank is 48.68 kWh. (3.7445kgX13kwh/kg).

Cost of petrol per liter is Rs. 71 today. (Bangalore price)
For 5 liter it is Rs. 355/-

So per kWh rate is Rs. 7.30/- in petrol terms. kWh Consumption per km is 0.19472kWh.

My driving cycle gives me 250kms per 5 liters.

Ather electric scooter battery capacity : 2.4kWh range claimed 75kms (assuming based on my driving cycle).
Per km, 0.032kWh

For 250 kms, (250kmsX0.032kWh/km) 8kWh is required.

Bescom charges per unit at higher slab above 201 units is Rs. 7.60/-

At Rs. 7.60/- per kWh, for 250kms, Rs. 61/-

From energy consumption pattern, ather scooter may be six(6) times more efficient.