Price list of Ather parts

:sob:, people in my area have multiple disabilities as soon they are on street. They go deaf, blind and loose the sense of environment around them especially when they are on their phone.


wish you had made a video of process with before and after comparison

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I can feel your pain through this post, people here think they are enjoying themselves in a park while standing in the middle of the road and chatting with each other. :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

AFAIK - the horn is a plug and play replacement.

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Anddddd the cause? :joy:

Skid on the left side. No personal injuries, but scooter got deep scratches. Claimed insurance and had to pay 340 from my side and got back vehicle in 7 days.

Unfortunately insurance people did not approve my scooter stand replacement. So had to spray paint it later from local shop.

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Bro did they coverd cap also?

cap as in?

Lower bottom axil cover maybe na

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There is a cap on floor side cover. Circle shape which covers the bolt

In 3 years the price has increased 3x to 315.98 + 28% = 404.46 ? what is the lever made of ? tungsten steel?


It’s made of Titanium.

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I can explain. Its actually really really complex economics at work here. It’s this phenomenon called IMGbA. Because of how Ather believes in MEPftC, they tend to be costlier than rest of the market. And since Ather has directly teleported from an alternate universe, they follow EoSiaL.


IMGbA = Infinite Money Glitch by Ather

MEPftC = Milking Every Penny from the Customer

EoSiaL = Economies of Scale is a Lie


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