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Is there a forum for temporary registration, Non-Chennai, Non-Bengaluru customers.?

Created this topic for that. Will convert to a sub category based on interest. Here’s someone using it in Dharwad :smiley:


People took delivery of Ather with temporary registration and brought to their home town can share their experience here.
*issues they faced when doing permanent registration at hometown RTO
*in tranporting Ather from BLR/MAA to their hometown and back to Ather for Service.
*how locals/neighbors react on seeing the #450 flight.
*signal coverage for Data when out of BLR/MAA.

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Here’s one detailed report of an experience of getting Ather registered outside Bengaluru but within Karnataka


thanks for sharing this post. I’m from TN. I heard that from Bengaluru itself few people bought and took Ather450 to Madurai and few districts in Kerala. Awaiting for their response.