Bengaluru to Dharwad on my Ather 450

Hi ather,
Myself Dr. Chethan J.D. a customer with full excitement. I’ll be probably getting my delivery this week & will be taking to DHARWAD. People around here & many of my colleagues seriously interested & are waiting eagerly for a test drive on my vehicle. Can we expect some kind of activity in HUBLI-DHARWAD twin cities at the earliest…? Just for the sake of the peoples enthusiasm :blush:


More than @Ather.Team this has to be addressed to @Abhishek :slight_smile: 400 kms is nothing for him

On a serious note, You’ve to really wait sometime for Ather to come there. Bangalore and Chennai has to Stabilize, then Hyderabad. and most likely Delhi.


Hi Chethan!
I lived in Dharwad for 4 years. Its enthuses me to find someone from Dharwad taking such bold decision. I have done the same. I am in Mysore now and will be bringing it here, when I get my hands on my Ather. Even I have requested Ather to come to Mysore. Mysore and Dharwad have a lot in similar. Lot of educational institutions, lots of entrepreneur led Industries and great climate and culture to live in.
Please keep your updates coming. Will be keen to hear from you.

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Hi nice to know that you’re on the same lines as me… but the fact of the matter is, I’ll be probably getting my vehicle delivered this week. I’m planning for a test drive event myself… for all the people who among my knowns have been asking me the question over & again when can we have a test drive…?
Hope to share some pleasant experience of my with them about the vehicle’s technical details & also the experience I had at the Ather Space, Bengaluru.
This should in turn help them set their minds on a vehicle of their own. Also ya as you mentioned, both the cities DHARWAD & MYSORE share many common things, hope this between us also gets another common concept added to that list. Thanks Samarth


my 450 on it’s to DHARWAD…
Hope to have a great time around…


Saaar bhet agona?

by chance are you taking by road?!
i mean riding

Yes Anagh avre…

Yes. He will be riding it to Hubli. We are meeting in a while near mattikere. if youre free you can join us.

map location please

gmaps coordinates

As soon as he sends me ill send you

I thought so. Not sure where to get recharge on way to hubli.

Just wait and watch :wink: he’s got everything covered.

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On the way to Hubli-dharwad, our first pit stop at Dobaspete-Tumkur. This after having a comfortable 77-80 Kms…


Super saaar! I was waiting for your message! Have a safe journey! :slight_smile: I can see another Ather! Who is that? :joy:

It’s none other than @Abhishek!! The all rounder!!

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Of course it is!

I met them before they left. That’s when Abhishek decided to go. :joy:


Do you mind posting your ride stats ?

Trying to call them. They seem to be busy riding :joy:

I wonder what happened ?