OTA Wants - Feature requests

Saar its like going from a 60*40 house to a 2 bedroom house. ITS IMPOSSIBLE.


Lets have a coffee talk on one of the days :slight_smile: it is possible, it is just in our mindsetā€¦


Would Ather have an option such as one available in google maps where we can pinpoint to a location using the arrow (In Athers case oneā€™s finger) and get directions to the said location?

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I also want to know(learn), how to live which has low impact on earth resourcesā€¦


Cycling, public transport is the best and cheapest option if you care for the environment.

Personal car/cab will be one of the most harmful way.

What are your thoughts?


This will be one of the topic in our weekend drive. Watch more details in below link and certainly you are most welcome to join us.



Pulling from another thread:
@Ather.Team: Can we incorporate this? Or it is a long route to approval from ARAI?

switch on the headlights only when the Motor is turned ON, otherwise leave only marker lights turned ON? I think the BS IV requires that lights have to come on when the key is turned on. Lot of scooters follow the two phase strategy of DRL (led) on with ignition key ON and headlight ON with engine ON. We should do the same here.


Hi All,

Got my ride 2 days ago, and loving it! Couple of things on my wish list

  1. More Regen and a setting to adjust the Regen level: Iā€™m using the brakes more than a regular ICE vehicle to slow down. Itā€™s energy wasted and causes additional wear to parts

  2. Ability to set optional daily charge limit (like in Tesla) to 80% or 90%. Should help prolong battery life

  3. Maps should zoom out when I pick up speed and cross 40kmph. Iā€™m not able to see as far out as I would like, so I am looking down at regular intervals.

  4. Would be nice if the settings and navigation buttons can be made larger, like Carplay and Android Auto.


I have had my 450 for a few days now. My first drive was my longest so far (25 kms from Athers Space to my home) and I was thinking about all the changes and features that I would want, while driving home from Ather Space :grin:.
Here are a few feature requests that I would like :

  1. Traffic integration with navigation.
  2. When I take a different turn than the one mentioned in the navigation, the app wants me to acknowledge this and the navigation stops till I click on Ok. There should be an option to reroute automatically instead of waiting for the user to press ok, like google maps.
  3. Use Google maps directly instead of building Atherā€™s own navigation app with Google APIs. Something similar to what Ola and Uber do in their driver apps.

You can do that by pressing down on the ignition button

This requires them to buy licenses, I hope they do buy them and implement them as navigation would be a breeze.


I do know that, but it was very annoying, especially when the navigation was taking me via a route that I knew was worse than the one I was planning to take. It kept trying to make me take the next U turn so that I would be back on the original route. So I had to keep pressing the OK button at every break in the median. Instead, it would be better if it works like google maps, which automatically reroutes without asking for my permission.

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If they integrate Google maps like Uber and ola as you mentioned they should be able to sort that out

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I wish one day the app will be able to suggest the most efficient routes(along with the fastest route). With the least gradients. Seems like a nice feature to have on an EV.

I want Google home/Alexa integration. Okay Google/Alexa whatā€™s the current charge? And stuff like that :smiley:


This is why I wanted the API to be made available to the community. If I can build a voice/chat bot on the Google assistant platform, any of us can build these types of integrations.


Is it possible to show whether the charging point is occupied or not if we have put the point in map and heading towardsā€¦
Its very essential that at your last percentages of battery charge you donā€™t run into an occupied/non functional point ā€¦so while traveling you can get to know if the grid got occupied so as to plan alternativeā€¦
All I ask is a green dot on the map while navigating to any pointā€¦


Power on, motor on, charging start volume adjustment is required pleaseā€¦ the sound is too loud.

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Again today I planned go to Godrej Nature Basket to charge on my way to airportā€¦it was green in app and also green in the point when I reachedā€¦I plugged inā€¦ it became redā€¦this is happening at the last 9km range leftā€¦then I went to Torq 92ā€¦it was workingā€¦ got savedā€¦
My question hereā€¦I heard from @Ather.Team that the point communicates the functioning in every 30 sec or something to serverā€¦then why itā€™s happening like thisā€¦I assume the tripping happens when plugged to a vehicleā€¦ Is it technically possible to simulate this load in some interval and check the pointā€¦I know itā€™s more power consuming way to do itā€¦but reliability is very important aspect of pointā€¦just asking to provoke thoughts internally in Atherā€¦we learn together :hugs:ā€¦


@Ather.Team Can we have issue tracker just like how Google does.

Because until an issue is resolved, most of the users might face the same problem and it will be easy to refer here.

Also, every one will know the status, whether Ather has acknowledged the issue, if it is being worked upon and when is the probable OTA?

Also, for the issues confirmed, users can vote the priority. Based on the priority you can take up in the next OTA release.


Hi When Will next OTA be released this screen lag issue is real drag to deal on daily basis.