OTA Wants - Feature requests

Shall we list our wants for the next OTA update here? This is for Dashboard only (App update will be on separate thread)


My requests are as follows :

  1. Dark Screen in Ride Mode (prior to Colour theme) / Night mode
  2. Colour themes
  3. Manual Trip Meter
  4. Battery Percentage
  5. Regen% Indication
  6. Eco Mode
  7. Power Consumption hue indicator in Map Mode
  8. Odometer display in Ride Mode
  9. Navigation Enhancements - Map

I think almost all the points are listed here.

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  • Night mode
  • Regen indicator
  • disable the color shading that changes from green to red based on speed. I find it to be very distracting

Created a poll , lets push Ather on our requests


Optional list

  1. Lower Side stand as optional accessories(elders to sit easily)
  2. Seat covers
  3. Vehicle cover
  4. Dashboard screen guard

Along with the above:

  1. Good image compression and pinch zoom of uploaded documents.
  2. Date display along with time
  3. Traffic status in Maps
  4. Hazard light function
  5. Automatic cancellation of indicators that really works.

Hi, this thread is only for OTA updates.

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-also hazard light function should work when park assist is engaged

-strong regen -atleast 70 - 80% than what it is now and option to choose regen level on app atleast

-choose display orientation when maps is on (between landscape and portrait)
when portrait is selected half screen should be map and rest should display speed, odo, trip info, battery%, consumption of battery in Whr live…

-ability to zoom out and in when navigation is on…
should zoom out and in based on speed so that curves ahead can be viewed without surprise… like google maps

-optional audio warning/notification when turn is ahead as we cannot always look at display all the time while riding…
any particular distinct warning will grab our attention to make a turn when we are nearing the turn… this will be useful when u r in new place

-let me know is there is a way to embed a function of compass with software(though to my knowledge it didn’t strike)

all these settings should be replicated on mobile app

many more are in thoughts
but don’t remember at the moment



  • remote shutdown from the app

guess it might not work

as network connectivity won’t be there when scooter is off

but yeah if they can find a way it will be cool

Hello .I am Srings.g .I want in night time dashboard theme is black and dark brown. And it works on timeing. means 6.30 pm to 6.00am and regen starts when the throttle off in 3 seconds .and then contune to throtle off 5 seconds strong regen starts. That’s all your honour.

  • cruise control with +/- 5km speed control option

  • choose a point on map to navigate instead of entering address

try to freez the screen freez

and also have noted that when screen is frozen ride data is lost and it starts from the reboot again… need a fix for this in ota update

  1. Directions to pin location or coordinators or plus codes, similar to the one in Google maps.
  2. Maps to zoom out or tilt forward when in higher speeds
  3. Driving mode in maps that aligns orientation of the map towards the forward direction of the vehicle, just like in Google maps
  4. When in reverse mode, it would look good if both the indicators blink
  5. Ultra low brightness and dark mode by default

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Was looking at 10 month old review video about the 450 and i saw an interesting feature on the maps display. There are 2 shortcut icons for Home & Work location (top right side next to the search icon) - i do not see them on the bike now. Was this removed in an update?

i would love this feature back on the nav screen. infact i use these shortcuts on my mobile everyday before i commute to work/home.



Good observation. Probably at that era, they may not have implemented favorites yet.

While I agree to have ‘Home’ shortcut to get back from a (any) location, I do not think ‘Work’ location is useful. Do we need help of map to drive for daily commute? Personally I do not turn on map for known or daily routes.


Traffic! I use gmaps for traffic data and it has been more or less accurate for my commute.

  1. Much stronger regen (as others mentioned), but regen should work till we are down to 10kmph (as against current 20 kmph). Most of the speed breakers are unscientific and we have to use brakes to bring down the speed to 9-10kmph to cross comfortably. It would be an ideal, under normal riding circumstances, not to use brake levers…it will be more efficient.
  2. I feel it is better to have a single screen rather than switching screens between zero speed and non-zero speed. Its kind of annoying when the screen keeps changing when you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic (which is most times on ORR)
  3. Variable cooling fan speed based on the cooling needs, currently it seem to be running at full speed whenever its ON. Also its kind of strange to see that even after riding hard for 5-10 mins, cooling fan switches off as soon as we come down to 10-15kmph. Ideally it should be running for few minutes, it just cant heat up and cool down so rapidly. Maybe a better logic needed for cooling fan circuit rather than simple activation based on throttle position.