OTA Wants - Feature requests


It probably exists. But not pushed to the owners vehicles.


as is the processor on-board is lazy…
it is not able to handle simple animations

also when i use my 2 fingers to zoom in and out of maps - it just hags and i need to reset the system!!!

with all this if we ask system to take screenshot - i doubt it can handle - and that need to be pushed to app!!! now one more factor comes into place —our favorite topic Network----which is never predictive

yes i agree - screenshot will be ideal


@Ather.Team, another request, again unsure if this has been asked.
After checking the Nissan Leaf and Kona reviews got this idea that intensity of regen should be based on throttle(accelerator) release gestures?

  • Sudden release should be treated as maximum regen
  • Slightly slow release (medium regen)
  • and very slow release to the end (no-regen or free coasting gesture like a bicycle).


@Ather.Team @Shreyas not sure if this has been asked earlier. The below 2 points are from everyday riding experience

  • sometimes I receive a google map location on whatsapp. I would like to have a capability to open this location directly on the Ather app instead retyping the location on Ather app. This will make life easy.

  • also while riding, the map is fixed with the north at the top no matter which direction I head. Instead it will be practical if the map turns based on what direction you are heading. It will be very easy to read the maps while riding.


Point 1: is noted and discussed and may possibly be part of the next update.
Point 2: In navigation mode it does turn in the direction we turn. In the view mode, it doesn’t turn. I’ll lose my sense of direction if that happens in the view mode. It may be the other way round for you. Maybe a toggle option for this will help.


Yes you are right. It turns in the navigation mode. Something similar in view mode will be useful as well probably with a toggle option as mentioned.


Is there a place where I can see the charging history? I want to see the date, time, number of minutes charged, no of units charged.


As of now, you cant.


Just hope they get this added in the future updates


A monthly report is planned and you can expect soon with more details.


I travel every weekday from home to office. I need to pass 5 traffic signals (morning) + same 5 in the evening.

I like to have headlight turn off option once we hit kill button to saving energy.

Example: let me consider 2mins for each signal stop and wait. It is equal to 10 mins wasting LED lights.

@Ather.Team, Can we consider this in coming OTA updates?


Temporarily you can turn off the vehicle i guess


If signal has timer waiting seconds. I am doing it.


I believe the law requires DRL to be lit up if the ignition is on.


Yeah, if it can be linked with Engine Kill switch, it should still be legally correct.


Santosh, as Raghav said, the DRL is mandatory now in India too.

I don’t know whether you know this… If the headlight is ON for 4 hours, it will be draining 1km worth of battery. In your case, 10 min idle time at traffic signal will cost you 0.04km worth of charge.


Thank You sir. I was not knowing this. Thought Always head light on is Mandatory while riding.

Someone commented on me in traffic signal, saying whole concept of electric vehicles is to save fossil fuel but why head light is on when kill switch is off ? Does not to save electricity?

Thought of asking this.


Always headlight or DRL ON… Only when Motor/Engine is ON. but as @prasathvishnu suggested it can be linked to kill switch. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good comment and agree with the passer by.

However I get this question often in my mind. We are all good in questioning, however how many of us follow what we say? How many of us will develop efficient driving style? How many of us will switch from big cars to small? If we are really concerned about our mother Earth we can and we should do many more.


I actually prefer the headlights on as it is now. It’s useful when you’re moving the vehicle out of a dimly lit, tight parking spot.

Or if you’ve stopped on the side of the road, so it makes you visible to other vehicles.

I’d rather choose safety over saving electricity that doesn’t amount to much