OTA Wants - Feature requests

Faced the same issue of the charger going red at Godrej Nature Basket last week. Gave me a good scare, but luckily it went to green after turning the key off/on and plugging in the charger again.

Chargers not reflecting correct status can put you in a tough spot, especially if you land up in such a situation at night with very little charge left


Ok I didn’t try plug in while key is off…i attempted twice with the key on and then left…when I remove the plug from the vehicle it was green again…the moment it’s plugged in it turns red…

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The same happened at the Park Square mall charging point on Sunday. Only one of the points was working and when I plugged in the cable, it turned red. I pulled it out and plugged it back again - this time it went green.


Sometimes it is not plugged in correctly. Then it will be red…

Plug went all the way in…but I couldn’t spend much time inspecting it because I was in a hurry…2 attempts that’s it I left the point… because I knew in the worst case if TORQ92 point is also not working then there is a VOGO pickup point near by :sunglasses:

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This happens to me too! The charger works fine at my office and home but not at my in-laws’ place. If I just plug in the charger without connecting to the vehicle, it’s green. The moment I plug in, the light starts blinking red. We called an electrician to check if there’s any faulty wiring, but he couldn’t figure it out.

A blog post from Ather says:

Red blinking light indicates that the RCCB component present in the EVSE has tripped due to high current leakage.

Does anyone know if I can get an adapter or something else to fix this?

I think you are using portable charger… if its working fine in your home and office the output power and grounding in both the place is fine … In your in laws’ place you can check if the power output and grounding is done correctly…

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I have 2 more requests:

  1. Need a pop-up notification on phone when the battery reaches milestones like 80% and 100% while charging.
  2. After reading the complaints raised on the ownership experience thread regarding the malhandling of vehicle by people taking the vehicle for service, I think the owner should have switch on the mobile app to turn on the service mode, without which taking the vehicle away would be illegal. During this session, the speed of the vehicle should be limited to 30 or 35 or 40 kmph.

Post purchase service quality really counts for the company’s reputation.

Thank you, regards.


It would be nice if the app shows the electricity
Consumption, when it is plugged into the home charging or both of the charging stations.

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It can be done in both dashboard and App .

Yeah good idea. !!

I have one generic question about the Dark Screen feature requested. It would be good to have a night mode which saves a lot of screen energy consumption. From the eyesight perspective, would it not be a rapid transition between a dark screen where we try to focus and then look up to the bright lights on incoming traffic? One time view can be managed, but would continuous switching back and forth cause excessive strain on the eyes? I’m just more curious to know your thoughts as majority of the City vehicle headlights are way over the normal throw and that itself normally would be annoying. I would like to know your thoughts and opinions.


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I missed a few turns while using Maps to navigate during my test ride. I wish that there was some sound that plays shortly before a turn, so that I can look at the map and get ready to turn.


@Shreyas Please let us know when we can expect the next OTA update.

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Yes. It’s overdue now!


It has got elusive status as of now.

The nation wants to know!!!


Jio free Azure for startups needs to be seriously looked into by Ather. @Shreyas …check todays AGM

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What is - ‘Ludicrous Mode’ that people have been asking for? How does it help?

High performance and Speed with lesser range option called Ludicrous mode