OTA Wants - Feature requests


Weather is not needed.
We will be experiencing it first hand…


Hehe :yum:


Aaaaaaand it’s bangalore. Weather is always uncertain.


Thought it would be nice to know if it would rain that day before I head out. But then, my phone does the same thing😄 so it beats the purpose. Also, Anagh is right. Weather is very unpredictable and you won’t be able to rely on it much.


But we have phones so it is not practical​:roll_eyes::face_with_monocle::thinking:

Putting more info on the display is good but we will not get the minimalist design.
It will soon become chaos


Before the owners meet, I absolutely wanted a dashboard like a model S or X. As in all the geeky stuff. Like the graph and all. But after I heard the team speak about safety and minimalism, now I find the Ather dashboard absolutely perfect.


I think Dada is correct……. :slightly_smiling_face: Actually the ride statistics is transferred to servers on Realtime basis from scooter. once the we turn off the key the network gets disconnected the system calculate the distance travelled average speed and efficiency and sends it to mobile that takes 5 to 10 minutes for system to send.

I am not expert from the looks of it I guess this how it works because my vehicle is parked in ground floor and I have excellent network here once I switch on the key it takes about 5 to 10 sec for the network to show up on vehicle dashboard and sync with my mobile but till then mobile shows last sync data


had done some test (observation) yesterday,

i turned off the key and started stop watch exactly at 6min 55 sec have turned on the key and i see the signal still stayed on dashboard

next time at 7min 30 sec signal still there

next time 8min 10sec min signal vanished


have done above test again

same result

for about 4hrs have tested turning on the dashboard and noticed there is no such interval where signal would return

so conclusion

after about 7.30 - 8 min signal vanish (in this time data is exchanged with cloud) and will only return when u turn on the key next time

(and programmer wouldn’t eliminate only battery data - he should write extra syntax for that - why would he do that - unless he is I!)


so i got a doubt after this

as the trip is concluded only after more than 7min

the time shown for the trip is always be + 7 min???


if above is true

Ather should have kill switch as reference

ride should be concluded from the time kill switch is engaged as well, besides with key

as there will be many instances at least for me where i just keep the dashboard on and engage kill switch while giving demo!! / test ride!!


I use kill switch only I’m emergencies like if vehicle falls, crash, etc.
I don’t have it should be used as reference.
Sometimes we forget to ‘kill the motor’ and directly shut it down, then data will not sinc


i meant both key or kill switch


Hello Ather team,
I ask you to consider my below points in the next OTA updates.

  1. I don’t need auto turnoff indicator option, please add a feature to turn on/off auto indicator. An auto indicator is a bad option for me in traffic. Before I make a turn the indicator goes off. While manoeuvring I will use indicator, I may have to use multiple times to make a simple turn.
  2. Please add the hazard option in the dashboard screen
  3. When do you think you will provide end to end real-time traffic information on the dashboard screen? At present, I am using my mobile to view the real-time traffic before I choose the short route. It’s a pity for a user to monitor two scrrens while riding.


Few points that have caught my attention here:

  1. Since i commit only once with Indicator so till date i have had zero indicator closures prior to turn, My advise would be to be in the lane that you want to turn to and not turn cutting other vehicles or commit handle multiple times for a single turn. Ather teams’s indicator seems well put for someone who drives with some prediction
  2. Real time traffic information would be God sent on the onscreen display… would love this
  3. I cannot stress it enough…don’t clutter the display…i like it the way it is now.
  4. Please add dark theme or night mode with auto switching based on time
  5. Please go aggressive with regen and show some regen on display. also switchable levels would be great
  6. I am not sure if sports mode is maxing out the motor but if not then a ludicrous mode is needed. I vote for 4 modes a. Eco(Superaggressive 25-30 kmph), b. City (Normal ride mode) c. Sports(For some power hungry driving) d. Ludicrous (with race mode start and just a 10 second boost for very heavy pull, some slip and slide fun is appreciated)

@AtherTeam do add some which are feasible


5 and 6 is needed.
Don’t know if it is possible!


Is it possible to integrate amount Electric energy consumed / day by charging vehicle in mobile app. So that one can keep track of energy consumption .


Hello Ather,

Here is the scenario i encountered, I was driving with my kid infront and when the vehicle is idle he was playing with park assist option. Please provide an option to disable while riding.


When riding, and you stop even for a brief period, use the engine kill switch. Ask me, I’ve learnt it the hard way :frowning:
It is exactly for your situation and some other scenarios that Ather instructs users to use engine kill switch and it is the same reason why toich is disabled when the vehicle is moving.


I can be a forgetful guy and leave the key at the switch. Particularly with this scooter because sometimes I don’t take the key out right away cause I need to check the dashboard or open the seat a couple of times.

Was wondering if a feature could be added for the scooter to send me an app alert if I left the key behind. Or if the scooter could beep if the key stays in too long?


this will be a very good safety features @Shreyas . I think app notification could be achieved easily by ota software update.
if the stand is open but the key is on and speed is zero for a certain period of time then this notification should trigger.