OTA Wants - Feature requests


Kill switch is not the answer,when the motor is on in slow moving traffic it is very easy to drag to park associate mode.Kids are too fast these days. Would like to hear from Ather team in this.


My suggestions for features

  1. Long Range Mode which can give 100 km by limiting the top speed, torque etc and can be used for long distance commute without needing to recharge
  2. Shutdown mode does not provide the user with ride statistics and only if we switch off normally user ride statistics is available and so it should have like a capability to give ride statistics to user atleast after the scooter is switched on next time.
  3. Password protected mode for the settings option to protect the settings and also random changes that can happen
  4. Auto booster mode to help in start stop traffic by enabling the same in the settings
  5. Cruise mode so as to not use the accelerator much and fix the speed of the vehicle once we go to a speed and engage it using the buttons
  6. Vehicle locator option so as to give the last know location to the app and we can trace the vehicle
  7. Do not know if the vehicle has incline check feature and if possible booster mode when inclines are detected
  8. Multiple drivers auto load profile if possible is also helpful when different people use to ride the scooter and have different settings


Whenever there is an error on charging or if the charging stops midway, app notification on mobile phone would be very helpful.


Understand that AHO is mandated by govt. But can it be linked to the Kill switch. I travel thru a lot of signals. There’s no point in keeping headlight on when stationary.



we observed Ather was able to provide feature for guide me home

so there is control over the light

Ather should be able to consider and include in OTA


Of course they can control the lights. Because its run by a battery and doesn’t rely on the motor.

I had a 2013 Vespa. Which could turn on the light without its engine on. Even when it was (idle without ignition) It never relied on the engine.

But i don’t think Ather will consider switching off the light when you use the kill switch. Everything can be done. Because its the battery that controls it. But they probably won’t due to regulations.


but am not referring to the power source

i was trying to say on board computer have control over the light - so assigning the switch / control can be done via OTA…


Even if they could, would that be legal?


one more feature I forgot to add
9. A panic button option in case of any type of emergency - implementation and features left to Ather but this would be useful in case of an accident or other types of emergency


This would make Ather a security/emergency response company! I would rather have a it govt strengthen 108/112 type emergency services that cater to medical/fire/law&order type incidents.


We just bought a new family car. The Hyundai Venue. As you might have heard of it’s connected features, it’s got a SOS button on the mirror. That a really good move. I guess Ather can implement something similar too.


Next OTA update releived by Chennai Ather Fan.


Yes. I too need this feature not to keep headlighton in all signals even when motor is not on.


Congratulations for your new Car :slight_smile:

yeah thats a good feature


Thanks :slight_smile:


So ECO mode is available now…or it will be officially launched in Chennai Event ??


We will also receive it soon through OTA update shortly.


here ir is




after update i got below version. but still not find eco mode in this version.