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I guess it’s a good idea to shut down for the people who don’t need to charge every night. I charged it to 95% and shut it down at 12:30 AM. Now it’s almost 9:30. And there is no loss. Not even 1% so I would advice people to shut it down in the night who don’t need to charge it everyday.


How can find whether the regenerative power system is working fine and how much was regenerated???

Is any option to see in bike panel or app???


There is no such option as of now.


Scheduled shutdown is very good option… I vote for it… , say after 15 min when the data gets synchronized with the server.

Are you sure there is no network connectivity after we turn off (not shut down)? If yes, then how the data gets synchronized with server after 7~10 min today? Just wondering.


I’m pretty sure that the network connectivity stays on when we turn of the bike. Or else there is now way that the data will get synced even when we turn it off. Scheduled shutdown is an amazing idea.


Scheduled shutdown will be a good alternative which allows us to shutdown and also avoid losing the ride statistics…

But, when I spoke with Pradeep at Open Forum, he told that fix is planned where the unsynced data will be persisted during shutdown and it will be synced later when the vehicle is turned ON…

I am not sure about the timeline for this. But, if that is planned, we would not need a scheduled shutdown…


Yup, I was wondering… May be a good stat to show in the ride statistics…

Also, along with Efficiency hue, this also can be showed in Dashboard with some hue to notify that Regen is working…


if there is network why we are not able to see the battery status real-time when the key is turned off!!

Ex: when u turn off the flight you might have 45% battery left (last synced) and after few hrs battery % will reduce but is not synced with cloud!!

may be network is waiting till the data is sent and shut down


it is already there on dashboard



Thanks Abhishek. Good u noticed the trivial things :slight_smile:

I feel it could be better represented


i can only observe (even if it is trivial) - not change as want it :wink:


hehe… Yeah kudos is for noticing the trivial things…

Change should be taken by @Ather.Team

But, is there any numbers on how much does Regen benefit over a full discharge cycle? Around 5%?

  1. I would like to have Two charge modes:
    a. Eco mode- slow charge where the drawing current is reduced. As I run all my 5 amps needs at my home on solar. Currently I am not able to use it as the load is high on the solar supply.
    b. Normal mode to allow other users charge normally.


again from observation - it is negligible! - wouldn’t impact much even if u r not using.

for reference

when i came down from Tirumala hill at tirupathi (this is about 19km) i engaged regen for all / most of the time - KM added from regen is just 2km

but effort i have to put to capture regen is high and frustrating (need to hold the accelerator reverse for long time - may be 45min) which is not worth it - instead i must have enjoyed the ride!!

so dont worry about regen much - have a joyful ride


Surprising … for such negligible benefit, not worth putting extra effort… if anything comes out of your natural riding, then it’s a bonus


I too have same observation on regen braking… I do use it only for anticipated braking these days.


While I have no answer to your question, following is my understanding in terms of network connection.

  1. Network connection remains intact in OFF condition. However it gets turned off in Shutdown mode.
  2. Network connection is not live throughout the off state. It comes live periodically to check this that… (I do not know what are those, I heard it is for BMS check, location check etc…, then I do not know why battery % does not get updated)

I feel this is good way to understand how much battery has lost during the idle period… :wink:


True, thats my understanding too… When in OFF, network connection happens once in a while not throughout… Thats why ride statistics appear randomly not just after 7 minutes OFF.


Time and Weather display.


There is Time already. But Date and Weather display would be really good!