OTA Wants - Feature requests

@rajeshkav - thanks for the summary. I would like to add a few to the list.

  1. Ability to see charging rate - Power being consumed real-time (KW) and Kms/min (charge being added). Would like to see this on the dashboard and mobile app.
  2. Reduce speedo error. This autocar magazine review suggests an error of ~10% compared to vbox.
  3. Rider profiles - use riding patterns to optimize scooter performance and range based on the individual.
  4. Access to more in-depth data about individual’s riding style. Providing some useful insights about accelerating and braking behavior can help us improve our riding and some tips to improve range.
  5. Ability to stop charging remotely from the app.

@Shreyas, would it be possible to share a list of upcoming or potential updates Ather team is working on and allow owners to vote on them. You can prioritize the development based on which features/functionality the users are more interested in.

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No.1 and 2 - are for OTA
No.3 to 5 - are for Mobile App; which I will list separately (there is another thread)

I agree to this elicitation technique. User’s demands are to be heard and I hope Ather listens and prioritize their developments.


@Shreyas - for the OTA and Mobile App update threads, may I suggest that you have a sticky post at the top that is regularly updated, so everyone can see in one place the laundry list of feature requests.


When searching for Ather Grid charging point, there should be option of getting Grids close to current location.


Agree this request as recently after taking delivery of the 450, i was searching for nearest Ather Grid and i got a complete list of irrelevant points that were too far off!
And Hence,
At least the app must display the Ather Grid depending on the Range Available on the 450 or the nearest point that is free and not engaged by other EV/450 users…!

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while agree to above

for now please try searching on map and select to navigate which will be much easier - u can see most closest to ur location and simply select that (both on app and dashboard)


I’m not sure if this is already requested. However, I was thinking if it is possible to have the following

  1. Parking blinkers
  2. Give more data on regen
  3. Cruise control (should not exceed 40kmph)

It will be useful to provide the user with alerts on the Ather app when the charge reaches a certain preset percentage or projected range like 50/80/100 % or say 30/50/70 km or one that the user can set depending on the commute planned.

This will help the user to check only when there is a notification and not keep looking at the app to see how much charge has accumulated.

Also, the red color feedback indicating higher consumption of battery power is a bit difficult to interpret. More red or more green are really relative indicators and not absolute. If the scooter has access to instant kwhr data then why not show that on the panel in addition to the range and speed? I have found the instantaneous fuel consumption feature in my car to be very useful and it helps me get superb mileage out of the car.


Yes we need the instantaneous details.
More info like numerals not intensity of red colour.
Tesla cars indications can be used for reference.

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I m not sure if it’s already there, but is there a way to search (or send from app) unnamed location like Google Maps Plus codes

Alternatively, like how you can search a location in Google Maps and share it to Uber app, you should be able to share it to Ather app as well.


Not available now but It’s surely on the cards. During the first owners’ meet, we were told that it’ll come in the future app updates.

@Ather.Team Can we display the distance run since the last full charge? It is a very useful feature to understand the mileage one is getting per full charge instead of going by the predicted range.

Currently I can do this by resetting the trip meters. But it is useful and informative to track this on the app and to see a timeline /trend.

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Exactly, very similar to screen on time on Mobiles… now I’m summing up each time from trips…

And trip history takes ages to sync and some times small trips gets missed…


It is good only when 100%-0% is done


It’s good as long as it reached 100%…

At any point it will read “kms since last full charge”


After the latest update, I observed that when the range hits 10km, vehicle is going super ECO mode or something like that. Its reaching 40kmph with great struggle. It was never like this, even at low SOC it had decent power.
@Shreyas, just a suggestion, by default it can switch to Ride mode when the range is 10kms, but manually I should be able to switch back to Sports mode. This morning, I was 4kms away from home, so there was no chance of me running out of charge.
Also I noticed, even with this limp mode, range reduced by 4kms for 4kms of travel.

while shutdown option on mobile app will be ideal - not sure if this will be feasible as there wont be a network connectivity… which will consume more energy (if Ather choose to enable)

so, until Ather figure out best way to accommodate this, team may work on scheduled shutdown option on dashboard - may be 1/2hr or 1hr - so that ride history and other stats will be saved and any other info can be sent to cloud before shutdown


How often to you shutdown your bike? What’s the idle drain when you shut it down in the night or for 8 hours? I’m sure there shouldn’t be any. But do you think it’s a good idea to shut it down every night if you’re not charging it?

i lose 3-4km overnight (8 - 9 hrs)

i dont bother much - but because there is lot of concern from other users - i though a scheduled shut is good idea

only twice i tried shut down option and didnt see a big benefit (as the vampire drain is still there about 3km overnight)

is it a good idea! - depends -
i checked with other flight owners who said it is benefiting reducing the loss - so yes it is good idea - why should you loose any energy…

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If not shutdown, at least a sleep/hibernate, after all it’s a computer inside :wink:
@Ather.Team, I’m sure if it can cross our minds, it would have definitely been in yours too.