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is it no the same as sport mode?

I think what people are asking is a “show off” mode, even if it meant 2km driving range. It should extract maximum performance in acceleration tests. Not sure if Ather has that in Sport mode. Sport is still a lot drivable.

And I don’t know whether sports mode is the actual maximum performance mode?

This mode should be ooooh man… thats crazy… but well now I exhausted twice or thrice the battery for half the distance.

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Full Torque from start, Full motor thrust and Max battery output can be done for something such as a race mode or Ludicrous mode. This mode can be kept hidden in menu under again advanced tab. To be unlocked by enthusiast riders or people who simply are racing under controlled environment with a Ntorq 125 or SR150 which beats the Ather 450 outright

We need a ludicrous mode. Yesterday on nice road I was able to clock 90. It somehow went to 91. I was on a downhill. I’m pretty sure it picked up more speed. But the dashboard and motor is only restricted to 90 I guess. It can do waaaaay better.

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A little higher than the Sport mode that we get.
“Ludicrous Mode” was first used by Tesla when they introduced it in their Model S. It takes the car from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds!
IIRC, during the second owners’ meet, people asked for such a mode.

The equivalent to such a mode is available in Abrar Bin Ayub’s Ather in which he won an FMSCI event in scooter category

NICE road is my office route and depending on how empty the road is, I ride at whatever maximum the road supports :slight_smile:
The motor is restricted…not the dashboard. Motor actually cuts off power at 90kmph. due to downhill it goes till 91kmph. one thing to keep in mind 90 on the display is 80 in actual


What exactly are you referring to sir? I’m really curious to know more about this.

Edit : found it - https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/ather-energy-becomes-first-electric-manufacturer-to-participate-in-inrsc-bangalore/33919/
This is brilliant. So was the 0-40 time diff?

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You can also read this

Please add automatic zoom in/out feature when approaching near by turn/deviation in maps. This would be helpfull for getting visual guidance much ahead.

Also provide intimation of efficiency when map mode is on.



I could be wrong, but I don’t think dark mode will reduce energy consumption unless the screen is OLED, which it is not.

You are absolutely right. It wont reduce the energy consumption. But dark mode + low brightness will save your eyes. And dark theme is always beautiful :wink:



We need a short video to show procedure removing tyres during wheel puncture to show local vendors to see and repair the tyres such that does not damage our vehicles


Need Parking lights/ Hazard lights option. (Both turn signals blink at the same time) in the next OTA.


Hello All, Santhosh , owner of Ather 450 - June 1st .I am Located near BGS Hospital, Uttarahalli, Kengeri. Just crossed 2500 km till now. As always happy to be part of such a vibrant community.

These are the Suggestions from my end.

  1. To manage the life of battery the app can be used more smartly by allowing owner to schedule and alert when the desired charging % is achieved.
  2. In the app a new tab showing how much money once saved compare to on that day petrol price for each ride and total overall.
  3. On the dashboad and app How many trees saved on achieving certain number of KM by vehicle. Which will encourage and spread the word.
  4. A mandatory service of vehicle for every 3 month once.
  5. A demo of basic cleaning (How and whats not) , and quick resolutions for common FAQ.

To manage the life of battery the app can be used more smartly by allowing owner to schedule and alert when the desired charging % is achieved.

Having an option to set up notification alert to know the battery percentage. It would help me who travel to work the same time most days. This way I will know the battery charge level an hour(adjustable) before I begin travel. If I have forgotten to charge, I can, atleast charge as little as possible.


Option to end ride after cutting of the kill switch.
If you want to end ride, kill switch and select end ride.
Else, let it sync in 7-10mins…

This way we can save the ride card, and also save the battery by shutdown…