OTA and App updates

Hey folks,

The new iOS Ather App (4.0.6) is here! With this release, we’ve rebuilt the Ather App natively from scratch, for a much better experience and performance. We’ve also revamped the home screen, to surface the right information required for you while riding. Thanks to everyone who shared feedback through the @iOS-Early-Access, and helped us iron out issues! We’ve fixed a few bugs and made some improvements since the early access release.

What’s new in the app update?

  • A brand new Ather App experience rebuilt as a native iOS app
  • Restructured location/maps functionality: moved into easy quick access features right on the home screen
    • Search a place: Search a location to send to your scooter
    • Find a charger: Quickly access nearby Ather Grid locations
    • Locate your scooter: Find your scooter on the map
  • Ride stats: Moved to the home screen. Shows a preview of your last ride. Click on “See All Rides” to view your older rides

What can you expect in future releases?

  • Add/Delete favorite locations on the app
  • Chat support


We’ve temporarily removed login with Facebook/Google in the iOS app, to comply with some requirements from the App Store. If you’ve not set a password for your Ather Account before, you can head over to app.atherenergy.com/forgot, to generate a password. You’ll then be able to log in to the app with your email and password.

If you were on the beta, you can stop testing the build and update the Ather App through the App Store.


Hey Ather 450X & 450 Plus Owners,

We’re rolling out the next OTA update (10.1.5) with a few improvements and bug fixes. This update carries improvements that enhance your riding experience.

What’s changed?

  • Considerably reduced dashboard reboots while riding.
  • Ather App now shows the version number of the latest OTA update.
  • Now add favorite locations on the dashboard. To add a favorite location, select a location on your dashboard, swipe up on the location card, and tap the star to favorite.

The update might take a day or two to get downloaded and installed on your scooter. If this is the first time you’re installing an OTA update, you can refer to this post for instructions on installations.

A huge thanks to our @Early-Access owners, who have shared feedback. We’ll be releasing the next version into early access soon.


Hey folks,

We’ve rolled out a new update to the Ather App for Android (4.1.0). It’s live on the Google Play Store, and you can head there to update the app.

What’s new in the app update?

  • Ather Connect and Service Subscribers can view the current subscription status on the Android App
  • The App will alert you if your plan is close to expiry or actually expires
  • Minor bug fixes and updates