Atherstack Borg - 10.2.0

Hey folks,

We’re rolling out the next OTA update Atherstack Borg (10.2.0), which has two new features, a few bug fixes and improvements. The update is being rolled out in batches and should reach your scooter over the next couple of days.

Theft and tow detection


The onboard sensors detect movement 7 minutes after the scooter is keyed OFF, and you will get a notification alert on your mobile app, if:

  • Scooter is moved around
  • Shaken or tampered with - attempts at scooter theft
  • Lifted or picked up - towing the scooter

Theft and Tow detection is available exclusively to Connect Pro subscribers.

Auto theme switching

New auto theme option. Automatically switches between light and dark mode, depending on the time of the day

  • 6 AM - 5:59 PM - Automatically switches to light mode.
  • 6 PM - 5:59 AM - Automatically switches to dark mode.

Improvements and fixes

  • Push location improved to display accurate live location.
  • Network icon disappearance is fixed.
  • Occurrence of navigation continuing to function even when parked is fixed.
  • Bluetooth will now remain connected even when the dashboard restarts.
  • Ather Grid charging sessions will now start reflecting in the ride log.
  • Added support for Ather Grid 2.0