Atherstack Atom - 10.1.6

Hey folks,

We’re rolling out the next patch OTA update (10.1.6), which has a few bug fixes and improvements. The update is being rolled out in batches and should reach your scooter over the next couple of days.


  • The network indicator on the dashboard will represent 4G bandwidth more accurately, than network strength.
  • Documents that have a large file size will now be resized and displayed.
  • To avoid connector damage, we added a caution screen when you turn the key on while the charger is plugged.


  • Implemented caching for faster map load times.
  • In the case of UI restart, navigation will resume where it left off.

Ride Stats

  • Fixed some instances of app-sync issues. Fixed issues with start/end locations on trip cards.

For instructions on installing the update, do refer here: OTA and App updates