Online Owners Meet - June 2021

Hey @450-Owner, @450X-Owner

Owner’s Meets have been an important part of the community and for teams at Ather to get feedback directly from our owners, hear about updates before everyone else, and get a sneak peek into what’s planned for the next few months. We’ve wanted to do the first one sooner, but had to delay it due to lockdown-related restrictions. Since it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to do on-ground events any time soon, we’re doing this as an online session.

This session is where we’ll share a few updates from our end, and also hear out your feedback & concerns about the product, subscriptions, and your experience so far.

What we’ll talk about:

  • What’s in store over the next few months
  • Updates on translucent panels
  • Updates on accessories
  • Referral program
  • 3G to 4G upgrade for 450 owners

Date: 6 June

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

How to join: Check your email for an invite or RSVP below

This time around we are bringing in our 450, 450 Plus, and 450X owners together, so we might not have time to answer all your questions. However, to still ensure that the top questions get answered, we are opening this thread, where you can post your questions.

Some rules for the thread to be effective:

  • Each question has to be asked in a separate reply.
  • Please like the question you want to be answered with the ‘:heart:’ button, to avoid duplicate questions.
  • Please use this thread only to ask questions and not for discussions.

We will be answering as many questions as we can from the most liked/upvoted questions in the time slot allocated for the Q&A round. The remaining questions we will answer after the event as a summary. :slight_smile:


Yes I have some:

  1. When will the software issues be resolved once and for all? Including performance.

  2. Any reason for not having higher top speeds than 90?

  3. Recommended ways to ride at 60-70 kmph but still get good range. Atleast 90 km.

  4. When are we getting an update for iOS devices?

  5. When are we getting translucent body panels for the Series 1?

  6. Map stops working in-between rides. Can we get actual Google Maps?


Is there any plan to set up grids for Navi-Mumbai owners and by when?

Is there any extention on subscription? I am expecting a 2 months extention if thats possible due to lockdown.

How about the grids which are not functioning, is there anyone to look after them to fix them and how soon?

What can be done better to make the roadside grids accessable, as there are other vehicles parked there mostly.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity issues.
  2. Any works on portable fast chargers.
  3. Updates on accessories and translucent panels.
  4. Any new models or sorts as atleast couple of compitators releasing their vehicles any time in the scond half of 2021.

Why is it taking so long to implement Hazard Lights into the dashboard ? With android on the 450X it shouldn’t be a problem.

Even the semi intelligent TVS iQube has this function and also has dedicated button for the same.


What are the OTA plans for Ather 450 (& 450X)?

I remember @swapniljain mentioning in an interview that plan is to have at least one OTA per month. That’s how we all dreamt. Please keep that dream alive.


Can you fix the shutdown bug for early batches of Ather 450? Just curious if we are okay to pay, how much would you charge us?


I have following questions to the panel.

  1. Belt Issue - What is it makes so unreliable to get exact belt tuning? Virginity of new scooter is gone once the scooter is given to the service with respect to belt. Every scooter is different. Hard to get satisfaction with this particular point even after many services.

  2. Service: When can we see better service experience? Service log is still missing.

  3. Connect Plan: Can we get guaranteed/assured Connected Service Plan? Till then whether this plan fee can be reduced? Especially for 450 owners many connected features hardly work - be it navigation, ride statistics (featuers are not enough to improve driving), remote monitoring and push location (it works once in while only)

  4. Charge Adapter as accessory: Can we get a charger adapter for non-ather charging points? With growing other charging providers, this would help in great extent.

  5. 450vs450x- is 450 of lesser interest these days? These days we hear less on 450 on OTA and feature enhancement

  6. Push Location from Google Map to Ather App: Most of the time it struggles to push. This is more evident if I push unknown location (say with just longitude and latitude) to Ather App. Once I ended up 13 km apart from destination which is totally in wrong direction.


• A feature to auto turn off motor when side stand is engaged.

• A open boot indicator on dashboard and mobile app since closing the boot in 450x is a pain . (Maybe dashboard showing message boot open even after we turn off the key for a second or two )

• and not to forget missing places on inbuilt navigation and performance fix on warp mode PLEASE.


Even now, a good network is only a dream. Often, we can see empty tiles.

Can maps be downloaded to the vehicle? I believe a 50 km radius should not be more than 100 MB.

  1. Possible to come up with performance upgrade accessories(eg:4.5kv motor, 3.5kw battery, high torque rear pulley assembly, performance tire, custom ride mode)

  2. When will the Anti-theft feature be enabled in 450X?

  3. Performance of the warp mode is poor(initial torque) after the new update 10.1.1 could Ather fix it?.

  4. Customized warp mode upon agreement (to customers who agree with Warranty void agreement)


The Map app is practically unusable, can it not have the regular google map app that we have on our mobiles or at least some thing close to it ?


indicator and reverse sound not working after recent OTA


I have some issues with the bike and dashboard software

  1. Bluetooth connectivity should be smoother ( we don’t need to open an app to connect our phone to scooter similar feature is available on my Ertiga where I don’t even have apple or google car play system )

  2. Side stand tilts the scooter very low always scare to park the bike in public parking areas

  3. Many issues with Map feature on dashboard It shuts off while still open, gps sensor is working poorly

  4. Charging cutoff thru ather app is must I feel

I hope u cover all above points in virtual meet :+1:


Why there is performance drop (warp mode pickup is less comparing to vehicle on purchase) after recent updates?

Why there is throttle response (30-50% throttle gives max output) change after recent updates?

When will be the last ota updates to clear bugs of 450x issues and expect features request?


There’s a lot of tiny bugs in the software …like sometimes the charging display won’t exit even after the the vehicle is disconnected from the dot , glitches on the starting display,etc. Will these be sorted over time?


Some small Bugs pending for long time. Difficult or not possible or not worth the time to fix?


  • Restarts of dashboard so often
  • Indicator wont work until restart
  • Delay in Navigation for turns
  • No I wont list shutdown bug here, its insult to the bug if we term it small :smiley:

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I have a few,

Will there be a adjustable rear suspension like adjusting dampness to soft medium or stiff, Will there be any more software improvements for 450s Is there be any chassis upgrade to support rear ladies foot rest And the biggest question will there be a better rear view mirror