Hemanth's experience

Here are My observations after riding my Ather for almost three months:

  1. Maps feature is unreliable. The dashboard resets after few minutes and I have to stop the vehicle and set the Destination again. I observed this pattern, when riding through Rumble Strips on the road.
  2. Maps sharing from App to Dashboard not working.
  3. We should be able to have offline maps of atleast 50kms radius, to avoid latency. I’ve encountered couple of instances, where I cross my desired destination, and take a U-Turn and comeback due to this latency.
  4. Battery draining. After recent OTA update, I see that battery is draining 10-15% everyday, when kept idle in parking lot.
  5. The range of the vehicle should be increased from 85kms to 120kms at the least. I’m seeing lot of companies claiming higher range with similar capacity batteries.
  6. Bluetooth should automatically connect to the phone. It is not user friendly to Always open app, connect Bluetooth and start the ride.
  7. Eagerly waiting for accessories such as TPMS and Bluetooth helmets.
  8. Plan to place the Chassis information at a convenient place, so that it can be traced easily during registration process.
  9. Dashboard improvements: a. It still shows TR number, even though I got my permanent registration number. b. It resets to default screen most of the Times, needs to be more reliable.

Regards, Hemanth


Everything except #5 should be possible, which may happen in future models or when Ather 450 / 450x comes for battery replacement at end of thier life…

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