Notification requests for the mobile app

Compiling some of the requests for notifications so far:

  1. Forum notifications
  2. Alert in case vehicle is charging and power goes off
  3. Charging notifications at customised charge levels, which can be set by the user
  4. Any errors displayed on the dashboard as notifications
  5. Periodic service reminders

Finally got an update today. Please try to get a feature that when the BESCOM power is switched off, we get a notification message like “your charging dock is switched off”. The feature you’ve given is when the vehicle gets fully charged we will get a notification…Try to do the same for the case where power gets switched off, we get the notification.

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I think there should be a feature for defining our own auto cutoff percentage. Eg: if my daily usage is less and I care about battery longevity and wanted to follow 20-80-20 cycle then rather than manually checking for 80% or 85% everytime I charge, I could set auto cutoff at 85%. I’m not an expert about battery management but’ve read in many articles about 80-20-80 cycle


Ather must provide alert notification anytime whenever the battery SoC goes below 40% in day also, not only at particular time of 9pm. It will be useful for nightshift owners.

Any notification regarding theft/tow detection???

It’s future updates ,

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Why don’t a feature used to set charge limit in app to increase battery life. I think its possible, vehicle controls the dot or apc to start charging while key is in off state and cut off charging while key is on.


Should most definitely be possible. Also, fast charging when the battery is almost empty should be optional too. If I plug the scooter in overnight with the SoC at 10%, time isn’t an issue and fast charging is unnecessary. Might as well go easy on the battery.


I thought this was filed under feature requests… the closest I see is to get a notification on app request.

thats great idea, this could be a simple software update to control charging. Hope subsequent updates can have this feature


It would be great. If we have sticky notification when the scooter is charging. We can easily check the status if we need to ride right after or if we want stop at particular level.

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