Next Cities

Don’t worry, you will get theft detection “soon”.

Has @tanishqkhare seen this yet? :smiley:


Where did u get this list

Twitter Instagram Facebook… Ather is everywhere. On the Forum too you’ll get to see the official communication SOON :grin:

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No no Very soon :laughing::laughing:

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:joy: That was actually good timing. Here’s the announcement:


What about Delhi When will Ather touch the feels of Delhi roads

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Haha hell yeah!!:fire: Saw this on Instagram within two minutes of being posted on the story. Also commented on the post. And shared it. And now on the forum. Just can’t contain my excitement now. It’s been a good day, this ends the day even on a better note. Can’t wait more now😂. PS. Wish you could see my EXCITEMENT/smile now. My birthday is in April :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:

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A little birdie told me they are planning test rides without setting up experience centers if they are not able to finalise a dealer. Also, a realistic timeline is second half of Jan 2021.

Also saw this in the day coincidentally :slight_smile:

What about Delhi National capital Ather launch

Second half of Jan 2021 for test rides?

For delivery. Test rides will be earlier.

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

ITS FINALLY HAPPENING! My native Hubballi is finally on the list. :heart_eyes: Super happy to see Mysuru and Panaji on the list as well. Our feedback has paid off finally! :joy: Ather as a brand has come a long way. I am super proud of you guys for having come such a long way! To many more cities!


When will Ather come to South Tamilnadu especially


I am having Ather for past 12 months I’m from Sivakasi

Most of the people want to buy Ather after look into mine

But hesitate that cannot get delivery or service center near by

Our nearby big city is Madurai

Next is Kochi.


Awwesomee!! Thank you for the info!


Even I should install it to know when Ather is in Indore :joy: Also, Team Ather, if you need any help for Indore. I would be happy to help!


You just got down from a roller coaster and having a calm evening.

Maybe after knowing your enthusiasm, after should have told you that they are coming to your city, should have saved you some stress :sweat_smile:

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