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Waiting for Mangalore too


I had asked a simple Question but no company Representative has taken pain to reply to this. shows the seriousness of business and how much customer oriented, the company is

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KOCHI… WOW :star_struck:

Hoping Trivandrum would be next ! :thinking:

We heard the experience of people who took the flight at places having Ather support. People who took the vehicle to unsupported cities can be better person to judge more on performance of the flight.

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Kozhikode next. Fingers crossed that ather will spring up along the way, so COK to TVM flights can be made with charging points in between. If it works, I’LL be at Varkala beach! :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers:t2:

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In a conversation with CS team, I confirmed what Q1FY2021 means. Instead of April-June, it is January-March. More EXCITEMENT, less of waiting time. :slight_smile: :fire:


Which City?

My city is Indore. And those cities which were announced on 7th December are those for January to March.

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Don’t worry, Kochi would be the first city among all the other cities listed :grin: (There are already Ather grids setup so…)

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Some confusion is there. All the cities that were announced on 7th December were for Q1FY2021 which is Jan-March according to Ather CS. Yesterday on twitter I saw someone asking for Vishakapatnam which is also on that list. Ather Twitter account said won’t get there till later In 2021. Just to confirm,these cities are scheduled for Q1FY2021 which is January-March right?

Q1FY2021 is financial year, so April-May-June. Will flag this to the CS team to correct future responses.

The wait is longer again​:pleading_face::man_facepalming:t2:.

That was me, I asked that like an year ago,this is what you do when your ather is going to come soon, read all the posts, watch videos reviews,what not :sweat_smile:

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Right. Doing this since I booked Ather in March.

2020 has not been normal year and things have been topsy turvy for all, the wait has been long. My wait has been since Jan 20 (and hopefully ends in Jan 21. The actual wait has been since some 2017 since ather was conceived.

So, unlike the other scooters/cars, wait is the way, unless you plan to get it transferred from another.


Need to wait more… uff​:pensive::pensive: