Atherstack 5.8 for Gen 2 onwards

What do mean by one time use code? Like code is generated only at the time of service??

The service guys have a phone app, there they can request a code to enter it into the scooter

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I understand the reasoning behind locking the diagnostic mode, the don’t want us tinkering in there, if something goes wrong, it’s the Ather as a company that has to answer.

But would have been very cool to see the info in just read only mode like it used to be before few updates. Thanks for the share though :wink:

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absolutely agree, i dont understand the trend with these companies gatekeeping stats

even Ola has introduced Torque (Nm) and Power (kW) figures directly on the homescreen while riding in the new MoveOS 4 BETA


I wish Ather allowed to switch between Vector maps and Google maps Go App


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Since we are paying for the connect plan… can we get average ride efficiency back on the dashboard?? @tarun @smridhi.kalati

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Sorry you will have to buy another Subscription plan for it which is Ather connect +.


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So @abhishek.balaji can we get a date when you guys are planning to launch connect+ plan? :joy:

Service plan to lagta hai nahi aaega shayad se :thinking:

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Any gen 3/3.1 users able to access the open-labs section?

Ig I got kicked :joy:

Gen 3 here able to access without a hitch.

Just type something random and send it will unlocy

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Hey everyone,I have this hunch that my scooter’s range has improved after the update. Has anyone else been feeling the same?


Yes same mujhe bhi range me improved feel hua he

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I have still not received the update has it been rolled out to all ?

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Do you have connect plan?

yea, purchased when they launched with introduction offer and also have good signal strength nowadays but not yet received the update. Any way to trigger it to search for updates?

I am seeing the same screen after the 5.8 update. I believe our update ran into some issue and did not complete. I am also not seeing the new regen animation that was included in the update. I doubt if the regen is working at all. Did you get any solution for this?

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flagging posts should now move to only regular and above, flagging every post is so immature. any thoughts @abhishek.balaji ?