Navigation using Google Maps on 450X

My bad. Just read it was announced in Jan 2015. Nevertheless, it’s an ancient processor which badly needs to be updated. Most of the software issues might get fixed with the processor upgrade. Ola already provides a custom version of the unknown processor with 3gb ram


Ola uses, Nothing is Unknown just the time needed.


probably will help them with the ADAS stuff they’re planning to bring as well

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I bought the new 450x pro 3 days back. The maps have not been working since the beginning. Everytime I talk to my sales person I am told that it will automatically start working in 24 hours. Had this conversation multiple times. I have also rebooted multiple times. Please help me here. What should I do??

Don’t think there will be ADAS for any S1 pro or S1 air series, Maybe in their Cars when they launch.

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did you see Bhavish’s tweet a while back? lets hope something does come out of it

I am facing a major bug in the navigation algorithm. It’s apparently showing me four wheeler routes dy default for pre-saved locations with no option to change the route and that option is available only during manual location search. This issue is happening after updating to V5.5.

Anyone else facing this issue?


routes are iffy a lot of times but perfect other times. its always a 50/50. so i just end up always double checking the route on my phone with the bike option.

i think the Ather app defaults to the 4-wheeler directions while the scooter defaults to 2-wheeler (or vice versa)


I have been facing this issue. For Home and Work pre-saved location, it automatically loads up into navigation without letting me choose alternate route. Basically it skips preview.


This issue wasn’t there in the previous release. It did show the four wheeler route as an option but by default, it was never the case. I hope they rectify it soon. A person was recently jailed and charged with Culpable Homicide fine for riding a two wheeler on the Sea Link. Exemplary Action By Cops, Know When To Push Breaks | Man Arrested For Ride Bike On Sea-Link | News - YouTube


:sweat_smile: doesn’t police have better things to take care of. anyway there mustve been clear signboards before the bridge, prohibiting 2w. the person probably ignored those. not sure if Google Maps would even be aware of such rules, always gotta keep an eye on the roads!

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We’ll look into this for you right away, Dhruv! Please help us with your registered contact number and vehicle details via DM in order for us to assist you better.


Yes.Gen 3.1!

Still haven’t received a reply on the issue. I have sent a message as well as a dm.