Navigation using Google Maps on 450X

its normal,the rendering issue is there since atherstack 5 with vector maps but its far better now than couple months ago

mistakenly i followed this route without seeing from where it is taking, and got myself my first challan :expressionless:, Google maps should work as two wheelers mode rather than 4 wheeler mode,

Google already has the data for 2 wheeler route, just not implemented in our bikes. Hope team rectified this issue

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this feature is suppsed to be in a closed beta happening this week,almost 200 people signed up for it but today is the last day of rollout and the update still hasnt been pushed out

seems like Ather is really struggling to implement maps features with maps api in dashboard,they should have given an option to switch between mapsGo app and their implementation until its full proof


Same issue for me as well… is it resolved by any chance?

Any solution for horizontal and vertical lines in map, as am getting this.noticed today Three days old bike and today only pro pack got installed? Pls advise

its been there since atherstack 5 so almost a year,I dont think its fixable else Ather would have done it.

Holy crap. Do you mean the SeaLink? They finally listened to the community feedback and with the 5.10 update, the maps now show 2W route

This is common across all models due to a bug in the Atherstack 5

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Hello Folks, does anyone else impacted with this issue?

Whenever I am riding with navigation on to my desired destination. The navigation just quits and the displays regular maps as if I am standing still.

I have to stop the scooter, enter the destination and start the navigation again. This is happening frequently and randomly. This particularly frustrating when you ride in heavy traffic under hot Bengaluru sun. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you in advance.

I am having trouble setting alternative routes, as in if I try to find an alternative route before starting my trip using Ather console it’s not possible, it itself decides on the best route based on the ETA.

You can select alternate route for places which have manually been searched. For favourites, it chooses on its own

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