Motor Controller, Battery current limiting and Buck boost stage in Ather450X

Hi All,

There were some recent fire incidents in the EV scooters. I would like to understand following from Ather PE team.

  1. How the battery current limiting is working as the cause of fire should be over current mainly. How it is implemented in 450X?
  2. Is there a buck boost stage in between the battery and the motor controller to stabilize the DC link?
  3. What is inside the motor controller (this is just out of curiosity)

Re, AB


You could check this video for details.

And this is one of the statements from The team a few months when one EPluto or some other scooter caught fire.


From fundamental PE knowledge… That can be achieved using saturation limit in the current control mode of charging the battery. Usually a pfc and isolated dc dc (flyback or llc ) should be there. Ather people may give the details

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