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yes sir i am also facing the same problem and its not openning in andriod 12 version os i have also called several times to CC but not resolution till now still app crashing

@450-Owner Anybody facing ride stats syncing with a delay? and some ride stats are missing?. Yesterday only i thought that there are no bugs on the 450 phew :face_exhaling: , now something has shown up :pensive:

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For me, the last ride stat was on the 21st morning… cannot see the latest and I tried reinstalling the app and rebooted my Ather 450x too… No change as of now…

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@narayanankks82 got a working fix as a response of the ticket he raised.

  1. Open Ather app
  2. Go to the Ather labs page
  3. Find savings tracker and [Remove] it
  4. Add savings tracker again

This is why raising tickets are more effective!


It worked for me. Thank you :blush:


Done the same thing last night and it started working… :slightly_smiling_face:

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