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Where is the ride statistics in IOS app

Made an App re-design concept for Ather as a personal/side project. Do let me know your views on the same. :slight_smile:


Very cool! I really liked how the maps is just one card, with everything in that section, compared to separate buttons for Charging Points, Locate Scooter and Search For A Place like it is in the current Ather app.


@abhishek.balaji problem in IOS APP. Check the screenshot below. Despite being updated to the latest beta 10.1.6 software, iOS app still shows below information.


@abhishek.balaji my scooter is not synced since 5 days.

I’m paying for the service so why can’t I use it!!!

This is really a bad experience regarding the connect pro service which is expensive but does not provide what is promised.

Please fix this asap!!! Its been 5 days…

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Ride statistics have gone blank again.


Same here. The ride stats is gone! We pay for connect pro and this doesn’t work? @abhishek.balaji


Watched videos on Tesla’s App update. Man, thats how you design an app for EVs. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hi guys, found a funny bug on the app. It says “Trip B reset 51 years ago”.

Attaching the screen shot. This might need some serious investigation about Ather’s history 51 years ago. Lol :laughing:

Here you go :slight_smile: Reset it once and it should be fine.

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Lets have a display of statistics of number of resets that has been made since purchase if reset is the solution for each and every issue.


There are several people having issues with ride statistics not updating. This is mainly because of poor network connectivity I guess. I have 2 suggestions to come over the issue. @abhishek.balaji @tarun

  1. In next OTA ather should give a manual synch button on dashboard which will force connectivity to server and push the required data.
  2. If it still persist and it is network issue then a) give user choice to port the connection to suitable network in that area b) give WiFi access so that user can connect to WiFi or WiFi hostspot to synch the data .

I think above should solve the ride synching problem to a great extent…


WiFi makes so much sense. That will be much better.

Dear team Ather, Why is my ticket being closed again and again without resolving the issue.(149724) @abhishek.balaji

Team, even though the “waiting for your 450X” persistent notification is ON, scooter never connects automatically to the phone. We always have to open the app to connect to the scooter.
Please make it Connect to scooter automatically without intervention when turning on the scooter, because that would be the preferred method of action here.


Is the app working with VPN?

I am using the Ather app on Android with NordVPN activated. The app doesn’t work for me. Before the latest version (with Ather labs), I at least got to see the charging data without ride details (which was okay as I checked the charging data mostly). With the latest app update, nothing works. I have to disable my VPN and then view the details (charging, ride stats, etc).

Also, I saw the features in Atherstack Borg 10.2.0 update. I don’t think I will ever get a notification alert in case of theft/tow as the app doesn’t work with VPN switched on.

Hi Team @abhishek.balaji @tarun

Before the Ather App was Updated to the newer version after 450X and plus were available in the market.

The Map feature on the older version of the app used to always show us the Charging points available for use no matter if we are searching for the location within the app or while pushing a location from other applications or just browsing the map now it does not do like that the charging points only show up when the Points Tab is selected and there is no other way we can see it being able to see the charge location while I push a location or browse a location used to helps us plan the route in case we are running low on charge

for example, if you see the screenshot attached it is not showing any nearby charging point in my route or anywhere on the map so I think you understand the point here even if I knew where the point will be I do not know if it’s available or being used so there.

This feature was available in the previous version of the Ather App please bring it back it helps a lot

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I cannot login to ather app via ios. It just keeps loading infinitely. Works fine on android but unable to get it working on IPHONE. Tried restarting, reinstalling and some other workarounds to no avail.

@abhishek.balaji Sorry for tagging you but the recent update did not solve the above problem. It just goes into an infinte loop.