Data about horn and high beam usage

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Can you guys implement a horn and high beam tracking system which provide feed back to the rider if the use of horn and high beam is excessive?

— Sreehari Variar (@sreeharivariar) August 8, 2021

Could you add this to the feature requests thread on the forum? Our Dev team will take a look at it and see if it’s doable.

— Ather Energy (@atherenergy) August 8, 2021

@abhishek.balaji Could you please provide app and dash board feed back regarding excessive horn and high beam use?


Huh! I was imagining this for a long time similar to efficiency graph or an achievement badge in the monthly stats. Would be awesome!

You got my vote!


They can’t say I didn’t ask.

The range should automatically drop to 50 kms for people who are “horny” too often. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:… honking makes my blood boil. Seriously, try not to touch that horn for a day and you will still be alive and happy. Peace :v:


Well, that horn thing is certainly annoying. People just honk for fun. And, with Ola providing speakers, I believe there will be a raise in noise pollution, rather than it being reduced…

I would like to get some data for my Ather regarding horn, if possible. Voted!


… yes for fun and also more unconsciously. Most are just not self-aware that they honk. One finger is always on that horn… if you think about it, its crazyy

One simple solution is to place that darn horn further away from reach. Yes, that will work just fine.


And this would increase data collection and threat to privacy and insurance claims :sunglasses:

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