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sample of 500m is too weak.

Ride today through rain and shine

Start dashboard :

First ride conditions : moderate - heavy traffic and sunny

Ride 1 Stat :

Destination dashboard :

After 4 hours of idle, started return journey.

Return dashboard :

Second ride conditions : heavy traffic and heavy rainfall

Ride 2 Stat :

Ride 3 stat, back to home :

Final dashboard :

Conclusion : managing throttle in sports mode is giving better efficiency than doing the same in smart eco while not compromising on acceleration when needed.


100+ range in 3 modes( Eco,Ride,Sports )


But in my case all the three modes show normally same range of around 85-83-80 kms of range even my efficiency is on lower side

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Try to maintain speed between 30-50.


For me Sports mode is ideal and provides instant power and getting good practical range (not predicted) of around 80 - 85.

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:zap: 100km consistent :zap:


80+ kmph Average speed for 30+ km fun ride

Got only 45 kms range (SOC 100% to 0%) in my 450. First few kms in ride and eco modes and Last few kms in Eco.


Life is too short to ride sedate

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Sport Mode, my favourite mode for slow ride as well as highway cruise. Consistently getting 24-27Wh/km on Gen 2 450X.


This is with me (100kg) and a pillion (around 70kg). Maintaining an average speed of 50-60kmph on my Gen3 450X.


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I am of similar weight and even though I drive it as gentle as I could my efficiency is always in the 40s. The power bar doesnt even full up the first step in the wings while i drive in sport but still the efficiency is messed up. Any tips?

Check your tyre pressure, and belt tension. The efficiency could differ from the road conditions, weather conditions too.