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I can’t believe how I was able to achieve this… The predicted shows more than 100+


It’s possible if u drive on flat road at 20kmph. Not any error or exception. Even on my mobile phone if I use very sparingly it can last 2 days. Battery works like that.


My best stats


Right. Wasn’t Ather about to introduce an Eco mode for boosted mileage too? I understood this to be achieved by limiting the maximum current at maximum throttle, to a percentage of the Regular mode. That obviously limits speed, pickup and perhaps torque too.

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Yes they are. Since it affects vehicle performance it needs to get certified again and they would have to send a test vehicle for homologation. But I guess FAME 2 was top priority that last 2 months.


Okay, makes sense. Hope Ather blogs about such progress or reports it here in the community. Perhaps a lot is going on for the rather small company – expansion to other cities added to the mix.

Is that projected range really works?

Wheather ECO mode applies to exisiting owners or not and hows it works?

It’ll be a software update.

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This is not possible! I must have defied all laws of physics!


2.6 km is too short…

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Yeah, but Laws of R :slight_smile:

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I do that distance almost everyday and never have I gone below 32wh/km… This is such an outlier!


Lol. If at all the range worked this way, everyone would be getting an actual range of at least 100 km.

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wow… :open_mouth: This is close… great riding… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Good competition for @rajeshkav sir.

A 500m ride is probably not enough to be a credible indicator of efficiency and range.
Technically if I was able to find a good length of downslope. I’d get a range of :infinity:. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see a few posts with 70+ KM’s as full charge and the mode as ECO… however I get only 65 KM’s as full charge and I have the sports & ride model only . Ather says they haven’t rolled out the eco mode …then how are a few ppl getting it ?

There’s no eco mode rolled out to anyone except test ride vehicles… It’s yet to be available for us…

The current ride mode was previously called as Eco mode

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