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Even I had to ask for the stickers when I got my 3.1, and then they applied yellow 450x sticker on my Cosmic Black, when asked they said there is no blue sticker, Cosmic Black also gets yellow. And after a while, I saw the blue one. :expressionless:

Also, they didn’t know where to apply it exactly, even when a Lunar Grey was standing just beside with the sticker applied. The EC experience was just worse.

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This issue is discussed in a separate thread. here is the link

I can’t access this post. @smridhi.kalati pls fix the permissions for us 450+ peasants :sweat_smile: we are not allowed to access a lot of posts

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For some reason all the 450+ owners have not been included in a group called Ather Owners. When excluded from this group you won’t be able the access certain topics.

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I was having a peculiar Issue with my Ather 450x 2023 model, While on the move Ather goes to limp mode all of a sudden without showing any error in the dashboard. The battery charge was around 22%. It is strange as per the design scooter enters limp mode, the error must be displayed and performance must degrade in two steps of 60sec each, giving time for me to pull over safely. Which never happened and lucky that I wasn`t rear-ended. I feel the issue is the cable harness is giving the wrong information to the system that the motor temperature is very high which in reality it is not. But unfortunately, Ather Mangalore is taking its own sweet time to diagnose. It happened multiple times over two days and trust me it is quite embarrassing and dangerous, it happened at night while I was with my daughter, and after 45 minutes, the scooter started and again stopped after riding for 0.5 km. Did anyone face this issue?

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I had this issue in my Gen 1. Probably it is due to over heating or sensor malfunction. Yes, error display in the dash board would have been better intuitive way to convey the issue.

Anyway, service centre people are the best to identify and fix. Hope your scooter will get fixed soon.


Absolutely agreed.

One sign to know if the scooter senses a hot motor is AutoHold disabled icon in the statusbar. Whenever I go on expressways and ride constantly at 90km/h for 20-30 mins, AutoHold disabled icon comes up indicating the motor is too warm.

If you don’t get that icon then it could be a different issue


It’s actually crazy even after hitting that high temp spot it dose go away after few mnts

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Cell level battery pack repair, he claims he can do Ather as well!