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Iam karthick shivasankaran TN09DD1299 mobile 9840874802 i pur on jun 2023 o have already replaced horn switch last week and now my mode button and belt to be replaced after 7000 kms why r they providing such a low quality switches when they r priced highy and quality conciour of wear and tear are poor


I managed to fix the front disk Caliper myself


Hello,even I am facing this issue…all of a sudden I am getting an error as Authentication Error P002… How to get this solved

I’m traveling daily 100 to 200 km , in just 2 month’s I’m completing 5000km . Any suggestions about maintenance?

Keep ur belt clean and nothing to worry about

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won’t it void your warranty?

you explained everything good, but the grease part is wrong, it should be applied only to the wall of pistons and on the seals but not in the rear part, you are contaminating the brake fluid.


Can anyone please send exact model name for rear wheel brake pads.?

pulsar ns200 brake pads will suit Ather rear brake pads, for a complete guide. visit DIY on-the-go (Brake Pads) Both F & R


Thank you :+1:

Warranty expired that’s why I manage to fix myself

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hey all, I’m facing low power mode like symptoms again on my 450 gen 1.5. I mentioned symptoms because the motor fan turns on once i hit 15kmph even during coldest of nights and I feel the power delivery to be off by a margin.

I’m not twisting the throttle more than few degrees and always riding under 30kmph everyday so that it doesn’t throw a low power mode error. service centre says they don’t have a fix, as even if they change throttle sensor and assembly which is worth 25k something, I’ll still get the issue again.

During my warranty days, throttle was replaced multiple times (last replacement was in April) but now i didn’t want to pay 25k for my 3.5 year old scooter without having any assurance of fix.

any idea whether insurance covers this replacement? I’m looking to sell the scooter but also feel guilty in selling a defective scooter to the buyer.

I’m surprised with the battery and motor performance overall though even after 38k kms, i still get decent range

Hello Abhishek,

Is the Wiring Good ?


The Insurance Part :

ICICI Lombard has an Add on for Motor and Battery (Called Engine Cover), But They will cover Only on Accidental Claims

But You Clearly mentioned Motor and Battery is Good :thinking:

My Experience in Such Issue :

At 25-27k KMs ODO, I faced Same Issue and Visited SC for Check

They checked and Changed my Throttle Assy - Then The Acceleration Cameback to Normal

Most Probably Its an Issue with Throttle Assy :+1:

Its so bad. Even the Ather app shows 450x sticker on Ather but i didn’t got it on my 3.1.

Can any 3.1 user confirm if they got this sticker or not.

Also the side yellow stickers. I didn’t got them either.


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What’s the control team doing ???

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The job of applying 450X stickers was on Experience Centres for Gen 3.1 and below. So ask them, I have received extra stickers when I requested.

Idk about the new long stickers they have for Gen4 onwards, which go behind the floating panels

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That’s a Pre Delivery Mistake. Now SC will ask 50 RS Per Sticker

Sadly the experience centre i got it from it closed permanently. I don’t even mind paying but i just want them and want an apology from the team for this check failure

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Busy flagging the posts i guess.